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I'm out y'all.

Rome is calling.

See ya end of the month!

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lol you was on your "Niggas in Paris" Shit way before Jay and Kanye lol
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I liked the Huey Freeman logo on the T-shirt
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Cooler then the average tourist.
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cool. enjoy your vacation:) be sure to take lots of pics
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thats pretty hott
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Have fun, man.... I envy you.
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Rome's a beautiful place. Good thing you grew up in NY too, you ought to be prepared for the traffic then.
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Enjoy man, take lots of photos, and don't hesitate to admire the ladies.
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Bon voyage, be safe and have fun :)
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It's good to be the king.
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Hav a gud tyme my nig' I heard Europe was the shit.

I know youll come bacc with some cool stuff too.
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Rome, huh? That sounds really fun. Hope ya have a good trip there! :D :wave:
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enjoy ya vacation:D
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Beware of your wallet if you go to Paris!!!
(those stories are no lies, pickpockets do exist!)
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Have a good trip dude.
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good luck pal! and great drawing too, he looks alot like you.
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HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PEACE RoCCo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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nice trip, man. we'll be waitin O_o
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Aight kidd good luck:nod:
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wow, love the clothes :D have fun in Europe D:
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