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oh, Alright.

here ya go. From Midnight Marauders : TAOLT VOL.2 Conceptual art of the Kids from the now canceled thundercats animated series i was developing for WB animation...

MIDNIGHT MARAUDER: The Art of LeSean Thomas Vol.2 is days from being complete. just putting the finishing touches on the Foreward and the cover. Look for the announcements in the proper art/website outlets soon!

Colors by the incomprarable Saskia G.

hope ya like!
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What was your take on thundercats about?

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this would've been better than the crap we got instead
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Aw man this is pretty sweet! Really do like this style overall! I hope you'll draw some warrior like characters know what I mean? I'm just throwing suggestions out there and all~
Phenometron's avatar
This piece looks amazing! :D
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Omg *0* This is awesomeee
Edymnion's avatar
I won't lie, I am *VERY* happy this version was canceled.
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TeaBrewdart's avatar
woulda loved to see this version on cartoonetwork
RedSavage's avatar
Your seriously sick bro lol
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this is cute and everything, but im very glad they didnt go in this direction. the new Cartoon Network version looks much more faithful to the source material and im really looking forward to it.
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A pity it got canceled, their looks are so updated they would have been awesome.
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All man... Pure Inspiration
KairoGC's avatar
You rocks dude, congratulations to your publication on Coyote mag no° 37, a french magazine.
See ya
LeSeanThomas's avatar
Thanks, bro! What's Coyote, mag? I did a publication in that? any links or scans? :-)
KairoGC's avatar
It's a french mag which deals with asian, sometime presents some sit or blog artist.
I am published too, I 'll try to buy it today and send you the article ^^
Divina-H-ART's avatar
this is some incredible shit keep up the good work
R0B0TNiNJA's avatar
this is beautiful.
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This looks great. Absolutely great!
JLIONS2K6's avatar
Hey man,

Been a long time fan of your stuff. I was wondering if you are at liberty to tell what your take on the TCATS was?

AlexBaxtheDarkSide's avatar
doesn't look like any Thundercats i ever seen, however i wouldn't mind a sequel show continuing where the other thundercats left off with kids instead.

Wasn't midnight marauder the name of Sam Beketts character in that episode of quantum leap when he masquerades as a super hero with a flash like mask.

Oh well,

Cudos to you for trying something unique and interesting :)
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