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Back again for the first time!

Invigorated and inspired and more pumped than ever, i return with some more stuff. Here's a couple more teaser pages from my new artbook "Midnight Marauders: The Art of LeSean Thomas Vol.2" 150 pages full color, hardback.

above are some random conceptual designs of a really cool and unorthodox creator-owned project (i'll prolly NEVER get to) about vampires.

Next to it is another page featuring Fran from the now defunct Thundercats Animated series i was developing for Warner Bros at one point. She turns into Cheetarah. Spunky lil character. some color and such.


hope y'all like?

*NEWS* Unfortunately Midnight Marauders: The Art of LeSean Thomas Vol2 will NOT be making its debut at SDCC
please see my journal for reasons*
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Great work as always! I need your book man! Fo reals!
yunni's avatar
She tuurrns into cheetara? *__* I take it the defunct series deviated from the origional series somewhat? hehe - what was the story behind it?
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this is kinda tight... nice job
Ellocobruja's avatar
wow..this is fabu!
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pernobassistProfessional Artist
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RoboworksProfessional Digital Artist
Man, that's slicker than snot! I can't wait to see that final piece!
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LeSeanThomasProfessional Filmographer
thanks homie!
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Totally diggin the head shot in the top left, can't wait for the new art book.
DannyMcGillick's avatar
Heya champ - any chance of a quick, 3 or 4 frame tute on how you pull off your soft, cartoon style colours as with the chick there??
LeSeanThomas's avatar
LeSeanThomasProfessional Filmographer
Inside Midnight Marauders: The Art of LeSean Thomas Vol.2 next month you can find the tute....;)
DannyMcGillick's avatar
Gah, so hard to get that sort of short run thing over here to Australia without selling off a child!
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RabidcomicsHobbyist Digital Artist
wow man, you must really love StreetFighter Alpha (Zero to some) movie! Not bad. I love to see sketches from you. Keep up the great work.
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ShadowleaperProfessional Digital Artist
Ooo nice soft colors on the girl give her a really nice quality, you nailed it!
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cheeks-74 General Artist
i got nothin but love for this, sensei. this would look hella tight on screen.
LeSeanThomas's avatar
LeSeanThomasProfessional Filmographer
Ha! dude yours too man....

Your Wily Kit and Kat are the sickest... thanks bro:)
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cheeks-74 General Artist
man, i would love to make a cartoon with ya. you have got too much knowledge. i def don't wanna pass that up.
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LeSeanThomasProfessional Filmographer
Oh, god, a Sean Galloway/ LeSean Thomas produced THUNDERCATS cartoon( or ANY toon for that matter!)?!

Thats an industry wet-dream right there! who WOULDNT sign up to see that?lol.

It'd be a classic!!!
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cheeks-74 General Artist
HAHA I'd def pay to see that, wait... i'll be helping make that! hahaha
pencil-ninja's avatar
Yeh thats fresh, shit looks good. Love the colors. wb
LeSeanThomas's avatar
LeSeanThomasProfessional Filmographer
Thanks big homie :)

i'm still practicing wit the colors...sticking to practical stuff since i'm so slow with my wacom...
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tnperkinsProfessional Filmographer
Really nice work, man. :)
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LeSeanThomasProfessional Filmographer
thanks bro!
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KomicKarlProfessional Traditional Artist
Dang..nice face on the girl character..subtle

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shannonMETALHobbyist Traditional Artist
awesome work
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