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Sup y'all.

Here's some much requested Boondocks season 2 production art.

For those of you not familiar with my job as Supervising Character Designer on the show, my job was to read the script, design a rough layout of every single character as how i think Aaron would like them in a line up, then submit it to Aaron Mcgruder for approval (with his notes for changes and suggestions). But not before it gets approved by Producer Carl jones, Supervising Directors Bob Hathcock and Seung Kim.

Very streamlined process to maintain quality and consistency to aaron's vision. after they are approved, I then sit down with the production manager and art co ordinators to delgate which designer (in house and freelance) gets to turn the designs, how many designs are needed and which character require priority.

after i sit and draw every fricken character design in its springboard stage, lol, i then get to focus on the main characters with Seung Kim (costume changes, visual narative changes, etc).

it's a pretty dense production with LOTS of designs and art.

Above, is the first of a 4 page line up featuring all the characters in last night's episode "BALLIN'" where Riley learns the true meaning of teamwork through basket ball.

next to it is an omitted part of the original story where Grandad has a flashback to when he was a young point guard for the WASHINGTON GENERALS.

hope this stuff is interesting to y'all. this shit was hard work for us! but fun tho!
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I love the art work..Is there anybody out there who either knows or is a cartoonist or has the possibilty of making cartoon music videos? I would relly like to have a couple of my songs as cartoon music videos...the artist must have a unique the cartoon" the boondocks" i love that style but am open for other cool styles. If interested then contact me at:   
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i think this is an amzing show
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is your job a lot of work behind a computer?
i want to know which career to pursue and so far a lot of art careers seem to be kinda meh xD
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uncle ruckus and that blind boondock characters evah! you are my hero! without you the best show on earth would be......not the best show on earth! XD
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Now ya'll blackies don't stay too long. Just kidding. . . .
Not really.

lmfao I love the boodocks they're like rape on a stick!
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the best ep of the boons so far is the holloween epsiode... "IM BACK....... Niugggga" LMAO
but anyway... this is too tight
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man that's some good stuff. been catching the episodes off my dvr.
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this is why i lovveeee deviantart! so many aspiring artist can meet the real ppl like u! i cant believe wat u gotta go thru for a 22 min episode its amazing, n the outcome is brilliant seriously even my mum likes the show (which is funny as hell) keep it up n posting alot more boondocks too please :D its truely inspiring n makes me wanna get into the field more n more :D
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Wow... this is some kickass stuff

Nice to run into you xD
Ya'll are doing a kickass job with the show. :}
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LOL - Is that You as Washington Generals #3?
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"Ballin" was a "Brilliant" Episode -- fine job -- also, love the art work!! :)
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You are just too good!!!
I hate you man.
LeSeanThomas's avatar
pfft.... yeah, right!

how are you man? where are you these days?

hows the new baby?

hope all is well :)
kse332's avatar
I mean it man. your style impress me all the time. you are definitely AWESOME!!!
Now I'm helping out Mark and Mike on BlokHedz project at Imajimation. you should stop by some times.
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I just wanted to say that this season of The Boondocks has been fantastic. It's been a LOT funnier than the first season.

And thank you so much for all the hot babes.

I agree with what you said above about Avatar. If it weren't for the Boondocks, CN wouldn't have any original programming that could touch it. (Seriously! Squidbillies? That crap's an insult to artists and animators everywhere, and the intelligence of all the viewers all at once.) Stuff like that makes it hard to say "The Boondocks is the best original production on CN" when there's nothing else even close.

Keep up the good work for as long as they let you.
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Hey, ben10's not bad either.... well, now that we're doing the new season too. That's CN's other big original franchise.

it's a completely different target demo, like avatar. but its up there i think.
Mauser712's avatar
You're right, I forgot about Ben 10, which is also pretty respectable. Which means they'll find a way to kill it and shuffle it off to Boomerang.

I'm just not a big fan of all these shows where the only real joke is "Everybody is stupid", the writers are on Zoloft washed down with Coors, and they thought that instead of real animators, they could do it all in Flash, and draw with their left hands to make it more "Artsy". The only thing on Sunday nights worth watching is Robot Chicken, which has moments of brilliance, but is running out of steam and falling back on body fluid jokes.
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nice i can tell alot of time and heart was put into this.
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Hmm, so thats how it works.
585's avatar
are we going to more of cindy in this season?
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Hey les was it you who had the idea to put in the line "you mad cause I'm stylin on you" that the girl said to Riley? that was priceless.
LeSeanThomas's avatar
nah that was probably Carl jones, lol. that Youtube infamous punch in the face durin the battle rap between ENJ and NIKS was the talk amongst us all during the production. i wouldnt be surprised if they asked the actress to add that bit in.

that shit WAS funny to hear her say that. only a few heads will know what that means if they are familiar wit that youtube clip.
eugenecommodore's avatar
Yeah man that youtube clip was the first thing that pop in my head when she said that funny shit.
Man yall need to do a episode on battling that would be Hilarious/
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