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Clipped Eyelashes by LeScarletSinger Clipped Eyelashes :iconlescarletsinger:LeScarletSinger 3 0
Lulu's Package - A Scarves of Friendship Short
        Lulu had been waiting for the mail for several days. The others saw how anxious she was. "What is so damn important that you constantly have to wait for the mail like this?" Cynthia finally asked. "I ordered something and I just can't wait for it." Lulu replied. "Just be patient." Alicia said. "It'll come when it comes." But Lulu was one of the most impatient people when it came to waiting for the mail. "What did you order anyways, sis?" Lance asked. "I can't tell you until it comes." Lulu winked. Day after day, Lulu waited. At last, her package arrived. Everyone gathered around to see what it was. Lulu pulled out what seemed to be a blank DVD Case. Talyn spoke up. "Is that why you were so anxious?" She asked. "You don't even know what's on it." Lulu replied. "Well, let's plug it in to the DVD Player!" Alicia said. Felicity got the DVD Player ready and Nora put the DVD in the tray, and they all sat down. Up came an unusual menu. "I swear, if it's one of
:iconlescarletsinger:LeScarletSinger 2 0
Scarves of Friendship - Scarlett's Anger | Part 2
        Lori teleported them to a small field she only knew the true location of. Gladys found a log. "I will be the judge of this battle!" She said. "Play fair, and no rough play!" "You think I'm going to play by that rule?" Nora scoffed. "Think again." Reuben was growing more determined to win Scarlett back. "I won't lose, and I'll get Scarlett back!" He yelled. "Try me." Nora said. Reuben was getting angrier. "Don't let her into your head!" Lance called. "That's how she manipulated me!" Talyn added. "Easier said than done." Akela said. "Reuben may be a laid back Gengar, but his temper is hard to control when you get right down to it. This could potentially be his downfall."
        The battle commenced with Nora using Moon Blast. It missed.
        Reuben refuted with Toxic. Nora was badly poisoned.
"Face it, Gengar!" Nora said. "You've poisoned your girlfriend!" "For good reasons!" Reuben snapped. "I wa
:iconlescarletsinger:LeScarletSinger 2 0
Chrom's Little Winter by LeScarletSinger Chrom's Little Winter :iconlescarletsinger:LeScarletSinger 3 0 Cute Little Flower by Sleepyhenry by LeScarletSinger Cute Little Flower by Sleepyhenry :iconlescarletsinger:LeScarletSinger 4 0
Noami and Lorina - Lorina's Ex
        It was late when Lorina got the text. "Him again?" She asked herself, sleepily. "What does he want this time?" She read the text carefully. She sent the individual back a text. She was still asleep from the text the next morning. Noami woke her. "Is everything alright?" She asked. "Everything's peachy." Lorina replied. "My ex just texted me last night asking if you and I could help hook him up. He knows you and I are dating." "I don't see why we can't help." Noami said. "At least it isn't Hideaki." "Or that other creepo." Lorina chuckled. "Anyways, I'll call him up. And we'll arrange something. Hey, do you remember that one chick; Rita from a few nights ago?" "Of course." Noami replied. "I was thinking we could hook him up with her. Daxter loves British Culture." Just then, there was a knock on the door. "I'll grab that." Lorina said. She opened the door to find another Alsatian. "Hey, cous! What's happenin'?" "I've heard about this new relationship you
:iconlescarletsinger:LeScarletSinger 1 0
Get me out of this crap! by LeScarletSinger Get me out of this crap! :iconlescarletsinger:LeScarletSinger 4 0 Penny's Modified Arch Hoodie by LeScarletSinger Penny's Modified Arch Hoodie :iconlescarletsinger:LeScarletSinger 1 2 T-too lewd! by LeScarletSinger T-too lewd! :iconlescarletsinger:LeScarletSinger 2 0 Just pose... by LeScarletSinger Just pose... :iconlescarletsinger:LeScarletSinger 4 0 My name's Sierra! by LeScarletSinger My name's Sierra! :iconlescarletsinger:LeScarletSinger 5 0 I'm a Cute Cat. Don't deny it! Art by Tohrufusky by LeScarletSinger I'm a Cute Cat. Don't deny it! Art by Tohrufusky :iconlescarletsinger:LeScarletSinger 1 0
Scarlett the Sylveon in: Scarlett's Anger - Part 1
        Scarlett had been suffering from headaches the past few days, sometimes causing her to burst out in an uncontrollable anger. She didn't like it at all. "What's wrong with me?" She asked nervously one morning. "What's the matter?" Asked Smokey. "I don't know." Scarlett replied. "But whenever I try to contact you or someone else, something always seems to get in my head." "It diverts her from her sassy self." Reuben said. "But with me being able to tap into other universes, I think we can find someone to help." "Do what you can, babe." Scarlett pleaded. Reuben closed his eyes and concentrated. "What individuals can help Scarlett?" He thought. He saw many, but they couldn't deal with true emotions. Suddenly, he discovered individuals from Noami and Lorina's universe. There were six of them, all of which were wearing scarves. Reuben had his doubts, but he was able to see what they had taken on, and one of them had taken on one of her friends to try bringing her
:iconlescarletsinger:LeScarletSinger 1 0
Kawaii Penny Reference Sheet by LeScarletSinger Kawaii Penny Reference Sheet :iconlescarletsinger:LeScarletSinger 3 0
Noami and Lorina - Clemont's First Date
        Autumn Henderson is one of Noami's closest friends. Her real name is Leslie, however, she absolutely hates her real name for reasons unknown. One day, Autumn had been invited to Noami and Lorina's for a special brunch, alongside Clemont. When she walked in, she saw the two making lunch. "Dang, girl." Autumn remarked. "I never knew you had it in you to cook." "Noami taught me everything I know." Lorina replied. "And you haven't had a SINGLE fight?" "We have our disagreements," Noami stated, "but we don't like to fight." "The only real fight we've had," Lorina continued, "was when I first moved in." Just then, there was a knock at the door. It was Clemont. "Bonjour, mon amis." He said as Lorina opened the door. "Come on in, Belgian Frenchy." Lorina said. "Take a seat on the couch." Noami smiled. Autumn and Clemont did so as Noami and Lorina went back into the kitchen. "Belgian Frenchy?" Noami whispered. "He didn't seem to mind." Lorina quietly replied. "H
:iconlescarletsinger:LeScarletSinger 0 0
A Great Group of Friends (Art by CatChat1997) by LeScarletSinger A Great Group of Friends (Art by CatChat1997) :iconlescarletsinger:LeScarletSinger 4 0
Feel free to look around my crazy lair of random [crappy] drawings that I may or may not have made in MSPaint, stories that I, more often than not, freelance, and a whole bunch of other crap (I don't think of the other crap as crapcrap, I just have tons of stuff on here).


A drawing with this much simplicity deserves a very simple critique. Not only is the picture of Swinub sitting on a branch with a snowf...

by Jamey4

It looks absolutley amazing. I give five stars in all four categories for the beauty of everything. Luna looks simply beautiful in this...

PAW Patrol

PAW Patrol Valentine 2019 - Chase x Skye by kreazea PAW Patrol Valentine 2019 - Chase x Skye :iconkreazea:kreazea 76 16 Paw Patrol - Ice and Fire by trc001 Paw Patrol - Ice and Fire :icontrc001:trc001 65 46 Puppy Love by Grace-Jasiri Puppy Love :icongrace-jasiri:Grace-Jasiri 4 1 [SFM Paw Patrol] High Above by LoyalPup [SFM Paw Patrol] High Above :iconloyalpup:LoyalPup 22 39 Rest If You Are Tired by AO-2-NICK Rest If You Are Tired :iconao-2-nick:AO-2-NICK 32 7 Love From The Heart by AO-2-NICK Love From The Heart :iconao-2-nick:AO-2-NICK 60 8 Paw Patrol - Sweetie and Aid by trc001 Paw Patrol - Sweetie and Aid :icontrc001:trc001 52 42 Cute Everest by NightmareBear87 Cute Everest :iconnightmarebear87:NightmareBear87 15 0 Ready For An Ice Adventure [Sketch] by Scamp4553 Ready For An Ice Adventure [Sketch] :iconscamp4553:Scamp4553 19 3 Paw Patrol - Chase with A Butterfly by trc001 Paw Patrol - Chase with A Butterfly :icontrc001:trc001 54 37 Everest by HigglyTownHero Everest :iconhigglytownhero:HigglyTownHero 171 15 Relationship by AO-2-NICK Relationship :iconao-2-nick:AO-2-NICK 27 5 Skuma(Skye and Zuma Fusion) by shawnthedalmatian Skuma(Skye and Zuma Fusion) :iconshawnthedalmatian:shawnthedalmatian 10 3 PAW PATROL OC ROSIE(OC BELONGS TO XfangheartX) by shawnthedalmatian PAW PATROL OC ROSIE(OC BELONGS TO XfangheartX) :iconshawnthedalmatian:shawnthedalmatian 13 4 Skye and Everest (Cure Machiere and Cure Amour) by ChocolatParfait Skye and Everest (Cure Machiere and Cure Amour) :iconchocolatparfait:ChocolatParfait 13 0 Mayor And Pups by Creative-Dreamr Mayor And Pups :iconcreative-dreamr:Creative-Dreamr 22 7


Tutu by larienne Tutu :iconlarienne:larienne 3,965 169 EQG Sci Twilight ballet girl by AVCHonline EQG Sci Twilight ballet girl :iconavchonline:AVCHonline 113 8 En Pointe by MissArtBlock En Pointe :iconmissartblock:MissArtBlock 7 3 Pas de Deux by MykeGreywolf Pas de Deux :iconmykegreywolf:MykeGreywolf 340 33 Brother/sister dance by ryanasaurus0077 Brother/sister dance :iconryanasaurus0077:ryanasaurus0077 3 0 MLP Princess Tutu - Fluttershy by mizuki12341 MLP Princess Tutu - Fluttershy :iconmizuki12341:mizuki12341 30 1 Mlp Princess Tutu-Thumbnail-Fluttershy by mizuki12341 Mlp Princess Tutu-Thumbnail-Fluttershy :iconmizuki12341:mizuki12341 28 5 Anime girl Ballet by Sofia-Design2001 Anime girl Ballet :iconsofia-design2001:Sofia-Design2001 4 0 KnB OC: Hoshino Nana (Ballet Recital) by aeries31 KnB OC: Hoshino Nana (Ballet Recital) :iconaeries31:aeries31 12 23 Hikari Kitri pinup by mizunotama Hikari Kitri pinup :iconmizunotama:mizunotama 5 5 Unknown Dancer by AriaMorningstone Unknown Dancer :iconariamorningstone:AriaMorningstone 2 2 Ballet Shoes by Chibi-chan-mimo Ballet Shoes :iconchibi-chan-mimo:Chibi-chan-mimo 12 16 Ballerina Girl by tster Ballerina Girl :icontster:tster 8 0 OC Commission - Strawberry the Ballerina by lupus-lup OC Commission - Strawberry the Ballerina :iconlupus-lup:lupus-lup 21 6 ballet class 4 by USASHA ballet class 4 :iconusasha:USASHA 17 2
I like Ballet, I'm just not good at it.


Sylveon by CookieBombShells Sylveon :iconcookiebombshells:CookieBombShells 286 24 Sylveon by Miss-Sylveon Sylveon :iconmiss-sylveon:Miss-Sylveon 141 1 Wink by fuwoops Wink :iconfuwoops:fuwoops 93 9 Pink by fuwoops Pink :iconfuwoops:fuwoops 71 4 Sylveon Pony Cuddle by CrownePrince Sylveon Pony Cuddle :iconcrowneprince:CrownePrince 116 2 Merry Christmas! by PKM-150 Merry Christmas! :iconpkm-150:PKM-150 1,055 194 Eeveelutions Series Complete! by Seyumei Eeveelutions Series Complete! :iconseyumei:Seyumei 2,728 207 Cringo Bingo by purpleninfy Cringo Bingo :iconpurpleninfy:purpleninfy 480 15 Bareon 700 Sylveon by Senzune Bareon 700 Sylveon :iconsenzune:Senzune 716 17 No. 700 Sylveon by Rubykickz No. 700 Sylveon :iconrubykickz:Rubykickz 233 35 Chibi Eeveelutions 1-Espeon, Umbreon, and Sylveon by Yoko-Uzumaki Chibi Eeveelutions 1-Espeon, Umbreon, and Sylveon :iconyoko-uzumaki:Yoko-Uzumaki 72 14 pokEman ? by CATERPlE pokEman ? :iconcaterple:CATERPlE 15 0 Sylvi Commission by purpleninfy Sylvi Commission :iconpurpleninfy:purpleninfy 325 9 Sylveon by SeviYummy Sylveon :iconseviyummy:SeviYummy 579 49 Cute Girls by jirachicute28 Cute Girls :iconjirachicute28:jirachicute28 367 83 Sylveon by kittendrumstick Sylveon :iconkittendrumstick:kittendrumstick 55 2
'Tis my favourite Pokemon.


Sofia Wrecks a Chair
Sofia lived on Chryssen Street, where the houses folded themselves out like they came out of pop-up books and the alleys were nothing but pencil lines on maps: erasable, here one day and gone the next, filled with trash and turned inside out, turned into quagmires and marshes of garbage.
She lived on the fourth floor, room number four-three-three. It was a room into where the moon liked to shine. On nights like these, when she didn't feel like doing anything and Gray was off on another of his last full shows, she liked to sit where the moonlight was brightest and watch everything fall into half-shadow around her.
Tonight, the moonlight favored the terrace.
She trod barefoot onto the cold cement of the open terrace.
It was a small place, some would call it cramped while others called it cozy. She was never good with words. Everything in her world was an outline, a picture, a silhouette that didn't need to be described; it simply was and there was no need to make existence any m
:iconkakashiplushie:kakashiplushie 123 66
Autism Is Not A Disease
Some say it's a virus,
That spreads like the plague,
Until there's nothing left,
But for those with autism,
But why,
When we're normal human beings,
Like you?
Yes we are different,
But isn't everyone else,
Like for those who are bright,
While other's are dumb?
Sure our brains are wired,
All over the place,
Making it harder,
For us to think.
But it doesn't matter,
When no one's the same.
And Believe me,
This world would be a bore,
If we knew our every move,
Knowing what everyone would do.
So let's hear it:
Am I a disease,
Or a living human being?
:iconawsomeisred:AwsomeIsRed 123 0
[CM] Stop that!
“What the hell are you doing?” Akutsu loomed up behind the tallest of the three punks he had seen from across the park, and yanked him off his feet by the collar when the guy turned around with a sneer on his lips.  “Well!?”  He didn’t know who the bastard was, other than his uniform was black which meant he wasn’t from Yamabuki, but at least he had enough brains to go pale when he saw who had him.
“Shit!” The idiot started prying at the hand that had his collar. “This doesn’t have anything to do with you, Akutsu!”
One of the other two started towards him, “Yeah, let him go!”
“Don’t tell me what to do!” He yanked on the guy he was holding, sending him flying into this friend. They both went down hard, and he turned to the last asshole who was standing there with a panicked look on his face.
“Look, we didn’t know that she was with you,” he said ,his voice an annoyi
:iconplantress:Plantress 2 2
The Princess Of The North
The Princess Of The North
She was a Princess
of the North,
A war it came
and she was lost
She was enslaved,
She was forced,
They dressed her red
And she was sold.
He was a son,
down, from South,
With light heart
and shy mouth
He never searched,
yet now he found,
Their eyes met
a night around.
They hide in darkness,
She's in Love,
He didn't think
Of what's above
She was a slave
and masters ask
to pay with gold,
to pay for lust.
He was no warrior,
No sword in hand
and no courage
yet to stand.
They'll meet again,
Passion rules,
Two elders pay
For him, her goods
They'll meet again,
Passion rules,
Two elders pay
For him, her goods.
Days passed,
the elders go,
Without gold,
no passion's flaw
But he is young,
with light heart,
He likes her,
but not so hard
But she is young,
with heavy heart,
She keeps some gold,
somewhere apart
She's calling him
and there he's back,
Eyes are meeting
in the dark
But he's young
With light heart,
He's hiding words,
He keeps apart
He makes though
:icondraganthemighty:DraganTheMighty 144 110
Rusted Locks
    The bars clattered and I jumped, my breath snapping in my throat. I crossed my arms across my chest and drew my knees up to my chin, grit scraping against my rough-hewn pants. I squeezed my eyes shut and I imagined my lashes weaving together. What you can’t see can’t hurt you, right? I tried to tell myself. Another, muted, part of me laughed an absurd laugh, chastising my instincts.
    I strained to hear more, but the door had fallen silent. I slowly unfurled, slitting my eyes open. I could not register the strip of empty space between the door and its frame. I could almost feel the new air trickling into my cell, though in reality we were too far underground to actually have fresh air. The new space was only two finger widths wide, but it promised so much more.
    I stood leaning against the raw stone walls, my joints clicking into place. I had not stood in several days, so my atrophied muscles trembled under m
:icontiffogirl97:tiffogirl97 6 4
The Little Artist - Chapter 5
Chapter 5 - Tuesday, December 16, 2014
This time, it was Robert that woke up before Lisa. Though he was fairly comfortable under the blanket, he could feel some wind blowing against him from outside. He could also hear it howling out there, and he became concerned that they would have to face a blizzard today. He peeked out from under the blanket, and he saw that Cassie was already up, preparing breakfast for everyone else. He saw that the wind itself wasn’t actually that strong and there wasn’t too much snow blowing around.
“Good morning Cassie.” He said to her.
“Good morning Robert, did you sleep okay? How are your face and your throat?”
“They’re feeling a lot better.” He touched where his wound was, and he felt only a little scar. “I slept fine, though it seems a bit windy today.”
“It’s not too bad; but I just hope that a blizzard doesn’t pick up today. It could make traveling a lot harder. Pu
:iconthywordistruth:ThyWordIsTruth 4 10
Sylvi's Decorative Style

Sylvi the Graceful led Gaius the Kricketune down one of the castle’s main hallways to one of the guest rooms that she had been assigned to decorate.  The Shiny Dragonair had taken a great interest in the redecorating of the castle, but did not intend to make the castle as lavish as possible.  She preferred the castle to be beautiful yet elegant at the same time, so that ‘mon could enjoy their stay in the castle when invited to Aether from other countries. 
“So, what have you done here to spruce up the castle?”  Gaius asked curiously, wondering what the Shiny Dragonair had done.  He had heard that the dragoness had taken an interest in the designing of the castle’s guest rooms, but wasn’t sure what the Islandic Duchess had done.  Though from what he heard from other guards, the room was definitely something fit for a royal guest. 
Sylvi opened the door and Gaius’s jaw nearly
:icongoldleader27:GoldLeader27 2 0
Strength of Spirit Chapter 1
    Zane awoke to the sun shining into his room once again. Though, this time it did not annoy him. I feel great. The young, shiny eevee got out of bed and stretched. Today is going to be great. I can feel it. He left his room and headed for the kitchen. When he got there, his mother, father, and sister were all eating, and in front of an empty chair was a plate with an assortment of fruit. “May?! You’re awake already?” he said as he took the empty chair and began eating.
    May giggled. “No, Zane. You slept late.”
    “What?!” Zane looked out the window and noticed that the sun was in fact higher in the sky than it is when he normally gets up.
    “You did have a big day yesterday, son. So we decided to let you and your sister sleep late,” the glaceon father said smiling.
    The family finished the rest of their breakfast in silence. After cleaning the dining
:iconzaneusnova:ZaneusNova 13 28
Why Should I Draw at All?
Why should I draw at all?
If you call me cheap for using MS Paint?
Why should I draw at all?
If you mock the only style I have?
Why should I draw at all?
If call me worthless for using the fill tool?
Why should I draw at all?
If you act like no shading is the end of my career?
Why should I draw at all?
If you expect me to draw only what you want me to?
Why should I draw at all?
If you treat your opinions as constructive criticism?
Why should I draw at all?
If you comment on my art if you know you don’t like it?
Why should I draw at all?
If you’d rather make fun of my art than give me why you like it?
Why should I draw at all?
If you are against something and demonize me for drawing it?
Why should I draw at all?
If you put me in the wrong for drawing what I like?
Why WILL I draw at all?
Because my friends like when I do.
Why WILL I draw at all?
Because I imagine ideas that you could never.
:iconzootycutie:ZootyCutie 26 82
I enjoy me some good literature/poetry.


[C] I Choose You by luupon [C] I Choose You :iconluupon:luupon 1,017 65 Naughty Gardevoir by CatCouch
Mature content
Naughty Gardevoir :iconcatcouch:CatCouch 821 97
Holiday Dad by TamarinFrog Holiday Dad :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 1,726 127 Commission : PKLucarioAlpha by Sa-Dui Commission : PKLucarioAlpha :iconsa-dui:Sa-Dui 1,510 37 Day 5 || Mimikyu by Infectedwaters Day 5 || Mimikyu :iconinfectedwaters:Infectedwaters 1,048 38 Misty Let's Go! by MeowYin Misty Let's Go! :iconmeowyin:MeowYin 1,650 26 Bareon 471 Glaceon by Senzune Bareon 471 Glaceon :iconsenzune:Senzune 581 15 Bareon 470 Leafeon by Senzune Bareon 470 Leafeon :iconsenzune:Senzune 692 30 Time Thief by uotapo Time Thief :iconuotapo:uotapo 1,653 158 Espeon by Naaraskettu Espeon :iconnaaraskettu:Naaraskettu 88 11 Meowstic by Rubykickz Meowstic :iconrubykickz:Rubykickz 306 32 Bareon 134 Vaporeon by Senzune Bareon 134 Vaporeon :iconsenzune:Senzune 780 18 Espeon and Umbreon by DTfox Espeon and Umbreon :icondtfox:DTfox 224 21 Jolteon by cutgut Jolteon :iconcutgut:cutgut 2,824 0 Realistic Pichu Render by TheRealDJTHED Realistic Pichu Render :icontherealdjthed:TheRealDJTHED 4,158 263 Detective by Foxeaf Detective :iconfoxeaf:Foxeaf 2,245 124
I like other Pokemon besides Sylveon, mainly Eeveelutions apparently. And a little SatoSere.

You are loved

People often think you will never be amazing, but those around you are concerned for and love you (not in that sense, but you get what I mean, right?


LeScarletSinger's Profile Picture
Random Idiot in Utah
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
ID made by Tohrufusky
Fursona Name: Forte Crescendo
Fursona Species: Husky
Colour: Scarlet
Eye Colour: Turquoise
Fursona's Favourite Food: Ramen, Soup, Pocky, Sushi (legit sushi, not with Avocado. That's Western Americanized Sushi), Pasta, Pizza, Dumplings (Jiaozi, Gyoza, etc.)
Willing to allow you to draw Fursona: WITH CREDIT TO ME
Fursuit of Fursona: No
Fun Fact: Forte was a commissioned drawing to help me get out more.
Name: Kawaii Penny
Species: Husky
Color: Various, but mainly just pink.
Eye Color: Mixture (?) of Green and Yellow
Favorite Food: Refer to Forte
Willing to let you draw Fursona: With credit to ME.
Fursuit: No
Fun Fact: Penny was an adopt I got from Twitter.
Name: Lulu
Species: Unidentified Cat
Color: Rose
Eye Color: Yellow/Gold
Favorite Foods: Chili Dogs, anything else you can make with Hot Dogs
Willing to let you draw Fursona: With credit to ME.
Fursuit: No
Fun Fact: Unlike the Scarves of Friendship Lulu, this Lulu is a Sonic OC I decided to make a Fursona
Name: Chrom Wolfox
Species: Fox/Wolf Mix (As specified in name)
Color: Red/Yellow/White
Eye Color: Dark Gold
Favorite Foods: Dr. Pepper, Ramen, Sushi (legit sushi)
Fursuit: No
Willing to let you draw Fursona: With credit to ME.
Fun Fact: Chrom has three tails, while other members of his species have one or two.
Name: Pirpy
Species: Dutch Angel Dragon
Color: Various
Eye Color: Olive Green
Favorite Food: Fish, anything Fish
Fursuit: No
Willing to let you draw Fursona: With Credit to ME.
Fun Fact: Pirpy was created from a Base, I'm not too proud, but what can you do?
Name: Sierra
Species: Mongoose
Color: Pink, Light Tan
Eye Color: Rose
Favorite Food: Refer to Forte
Willing to let you draw Fursona: With Credit to ME.
Fun Fact: Sierra was originally meant to be called Courtney.
Real Name: Ben Asato
Residing in: Kearns, Utah
Favourite Food: Refer to Forte's Favourite Foods. Because, as I'm pretty sure, most people's fursonas coincide with the owner of the Fursona.
Relationship Status: Single (I am a lonely frick because I can't get a date for the life of me)
Intelligence: In between amazing and pure idiot
Why I'm doing this: Why the frick not?
Hello to all of my Scarletlings. I am Ben Asato, LeScarletSinger (ScarlettSylveon here on deviantArt). A novice when it comes to art. Don't get me wrong, but I love expressing my artistic side, even if it looks like crap, I try my hardest. I don't have professional art programs, you know. However, I am pretty good at writing (despite the fact the stories that I freelance are worse than the ones I put effort into (Ex. 1: Sonic Meets Sanic is freelance, Ex. 2 All Sing Liu Chapters are thought out)). I also accept all Llamas. Why? Because Llamas are interesting, that's why. Something else to note is that I was born into the LDS Church (Latter Day Saints Church) and I'm a strong member of it despite my love for Yuri (F/F genre). My journal is for talking positive (aside from occasional events to attain badges), so if ever you're having a bad day, head over to my journal. And just because I have the Pride Flag on my page doesn't mean I'm a member. I respect them, if that's anything.
Hamtaro Hamster Emoji-07 (Cute Dance) [V1] by Jerikuto Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] by Jerikuto Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-07 (Kawaii Whine) [V1] by Jerikuto Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-05 (Kawaii Stare) [V1] by Jerikuto Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] by Jerikuto
I think I should also say that I love cute things.
Another thing to note is that I am the creator of 'Sing Liu - The Story of an Unnamed Boy', 'Beginner - A Ballet Dancer's Story', 'The Scarves of Friendship', and 'Noami and Lorina'.
If I need to have one rule, it's this: Please do not RP with characters on my content. It clogs up the comments and looks very unprofessional. Now, I've done plenty of it a while back, but I've grown out of that phase. Plus, I feel it gets old when someone does it with characters. I completely understand that people do it to express how they feel about something, as they are just showing that.
The Actual Person feelings RP is accepted SO LONG AS IT'S NOT OVERDONE.
My birthday badge

-----///-----Autism awareness
---|||---|||---I'm autistic and
---|||---|||---proud of it
-----///-----Put this on your
-----///----profile if you support
----///-----or have autism

Fur Affinity:…



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


For just $15USD, you can commission some digital work. Bear in mind, though, that I'll either be using MSPaint, DAMURO, or Pixlr.
In between that, it's $16USD for transparent
$17USD for solid
$18USD for solid with background.
For $25USD, you can commission pencil work. Yes, I know it's more expensive than the Digital, but hey, I'm more experienced with it. You can expect better results.
$40USD for an animated gif. I can't guarantee that it'll be good, but hey, why not?
$50USD for NSFW Nudity digitally.
$100USD for NSFW Nudity on paper.
Yes, this includes sexual intercourse.
I may or may not get a little uncomfortable drawing nude males, but hey, it's YOUR commission.
One other rule for the nudity is absolutely NO FETISHES. It just weirds me out too much.

I will NOT be doing gore, however. I just can't stomach it.

A Small Thing by LeScarletSinger Night Girl by LeScarletSinger Start with the Man in the Mirror by LeScarletSinger Li'l Brudder by LeScarletSinger I Know How the Moon Must Feel by LeScarletSinger I Can Go the Distance by LeScarletSinger




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So, how're you doing? Good, I hope. Not everybody is willing to say hi, be the one to spark a conversation. You never know what friends you'll make.

Other People's Anger Problems Aren't Your Own.

The things you may suffer from one's anger isn't your fault. The anger that the one takes out on you is because they cannot control it.

It truly does hurt, but cope until you are able to get away from those troubles. You'll not regret it in the long run.

Think Positive

Please remember what you are about to read.

Sometimes people around you will put you down for being yourself. Many people that are being put down are often offended and depressed. However, if you think positive through this tough time, then it may not affect you as much as they think it will, or it may not affect you at all. Thinking positive and pushing all those nasty thoughts out of your head may not be the healthiest, but it helps you through tough times. Please, remember this brief, yet powerful message.



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