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[OPEN] My Commissions!

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My Prices:

I take both points and PayPal!

Regular- $3 or 300 points
Painted- $5 or 500 points (example above is of a painted portrait)

Lineart- $4 or 400 points
Full coloring- $7 or 700 points
Full coloring and shading- $8 or 800 points

Lineart- $6 or 600 points
Full coloring- $8 or 800 points
Full coloring and shading- $10 or 1000 points

Still: $5 or 500 points
With (basic) Animation: $7 or 700 points

Custom Adopts: $4 or 400 points

Custom Outfit Adopts: $3 or 300 points

Additions: (to be added onto other pieces)

+Simple Background: $2
+Complex Background: $4
+Simple Animation: $2
+Additional Characters: $5 each
+Complex Character Design: $3


Bullet; Green Pin-Up/Sexy!!! <3 
Bullet; Green Fanart or OC/other ppl's OCs/my own OC's 
Bullet; Green LGBT couples 
Bullet; Green Plus-Size characters
Bullet; Green SOME animal characteristics/nekomimi
Bullet; Green Original species that are mostly humanlike
Bullet; Green NSFW/FETISH (send me a note to discuss prices!! <3)
Bullet; Green Gore/Blood/Dark themes


Bullet; Red Animals
Bullet; Red Anthro characters
Bullet; Red Mecha

EVERYTHING is up for discussion, if you are interested in something that isn't listed above- please feel free to send me a note and talk to me about it!! (in particular, NSFW! I'm perfectly comfortable discussing nsfw art!! I would love to do it!!)

Prices will not be lowered for any reason, but I do appreciate tips <3

More Art Examples:

List of Purchased Commissions ~

Just comment below or send me a note to discuss buying art from me! Thank you!

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Can I get 2 waist up couple for 1600 points? c: 
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Of course! <3

Could you send me references for the characters, along with a description of what kind of interaction you'd like them to have? Like hugging, or talking, etc~ 

along with any other info you'd like for me to know!
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Characters are Belladonna and Eva, Bella is actually meant to be much taller so it could be cute if she is hugging Eva into her chest I think :)
Maybe have Eva blushing a little too xD


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oh! thank you for sending in the points, but could you please resend them through the commissions button on my profile? that way i can convert the points into real money.

thank you so much, and sorry for not saying so earlier!
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Yeah, sorry about that, I forgot about the whole conversion to real money thing, I should have waited xD


Got some more art too, Eva in a few of them but she isn't my character. xD
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it's no problem at all! thank you for being so understanding :3

Oooh and thank you for more references! do you want me to draw them in their usual outfits, or would you rather i draw them in something else? 
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Usual outfits I think, unless you have something else more interesting in mind?
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Hmmm, I think their usual outfits are really cute and represent their personalities well, so I would love to draw them! 

But if you'd rather I draw something else, maybe cute swimsuits? Or summery clothes? I've been in a very summery mood lately so that's my inspiration haha.
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Ok got it!! Aww they're so cute together <3 I'm so excited to draw them!! 

I've set up a commission option on my profile for you, so just send in the points and I'll have the piece finished tomorrow!! Thank you so much! :D

Oh, and would you prefer a transparent background or a simple colored background?
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Oh, I just sent the points sorry, if you refund them I can put them into the commission widget for you. ^^;

And a simple coloured background would be nice :)
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it's no problem!! haha thank you for understanding. 

and got it!
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