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Still working on character redesigns for my remixed Propaganda comic~ I'm uploading the ones that are appearing in the early parts of chapter one, but have a few more characters (that are brand new) just WAITING to get uploaded~ Just gotta wait until it gets closer to their time. 

I've also completed the sketches for pages 1 and 2, and have a layout for the first 7 pages done. This is happening!! I just hope I'm able to attract an audience and show the world all the hard work I've been doing to make this a great story.

Anyway, here's Jinx!

Jinx - 29 - Founder/Owner/Head Boss of Propaganda 

She's intimidating as HELL, has a resting bitch face, and isn't afraid of getting her hands dirty. She created Propaganda from the ground up, and is extremely prideful of what she's created and the work of her Propaganda family. She has utmost respect for her men and will go through hell and back to defend them. Kind of paranoid and wary of outsiders, due to the nature of her career. Has a weakness for women that have been wronged by men, and tends to treat them with a gentleness that others never get. 
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