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To add to my refreshed designs, I decided to conceptualize Havoc and Prince a bit more- this time with some (semi) realistic portraits!! [They will probably never be drawn like this in the comic lmao] 

Havoc - 25 - Ring Leader/People Person

A very charismatic, magnetic person, has a charming smile and beauty that people can't help but believe everything he says, even if it's not exactly the truth. Half black/half Thai, classically trained ballroom dancer, and has extremely good luck (or, is very manipulative). Told Prince he found a huge stash of cash through coincidence and has been buying him very nice things lately. Is actually kind of weak to people he finds attractive. 

Prince - 26 - Acrobat/Ex-stripper

Kind of pompous and full of himself, but actually pure at heart. Has very quick instincts and is extremely flexible. His mother is dead and his father has practically disowned him, but he has nothing against his sister. Only has one arm, and tells people he lost it in a training accident, and nobody has ever questioned it. Is a first generation Chinese-American, and his parents run a swordsman school and have a knife shop. Is extremely afraid of bugs, and finds them to be the worst aspect of constantly sleeping in tents. Has a soft spot for kids with family issues, and tends to coddle them. 
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