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Llama for points

I mean, trading llamas for points is a little weird, if you think about it. Imagine that in real life!

Anyway, it's quite fun they implemented that system officially in the new DeviantArt, rather than let people do them transactions illegally! Very user-friendly feature:thumbsup:

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update : And don't forget my free commissions are still open!! Too late!
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Hahahahahahaha!!! That guys face!!!
He’s probably wondering why he even needs the poor llama. 😂
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When I think about how much money some people have paid for these badges, I figure those people must really love DeviantArt. I will gladly sell it to them. And I will check their page, too, which I know that a lot of people don't because I have seen a couple of users with more llamas than page views.
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The guy on the left looks like the Postal Dude.
goosetooth's avatar
you made it look like hes buying drugs o-o
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Dat llama face tho
dAgreatMeowflash's avatar
It would be very cool to do that in real life.
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Are they still doing this?
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yep. Click on your badges (on the front page of your profile, up-right corner) and you should see a tab on the right saying "Llama trades", with some open offers (if any).
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wan't a llama?
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does anyone know how i can sell my llamas for 47 points? (47 is how many llama badges i have
AgnosticDragon's avatar
Llamas given and llamas received are separate tallies, neither of which can ever go down. I have given more llamas than I have received but that does not mean I am in the red.
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lol, i love this pic x3
GirlyKnight's avatar
how much is the llama wroth in points,by the way
Hero-of-the-Triforce's avatar
In the llama trade, you can put how many points you want for a llama badge, although most usually only give 1-2 points per badge.
GirlyKnight's avatar
Cool thanks for info. Can I trade all at once though cause I have allot of them 
Hero-of-the-Triforce's avatar
No problem. But, to be honest, I'm not sure if you can trade all at once? I guess people don't really prefer to do that because, why give 200 points for one llama badge when you can get 200 llama badges for one point a piece. You might be able to give away a huge amount of points for one llama, but I'd just suggest you try it and see if it works.
GirlyKnight's avatar
No...not selling  each llama for 200 points . That's not what i'm saying at all. I'm mean like sell 200 llama's for 200 points ,If you could.Instead of having to sell one at a time be much more helpful. Spending time selling each and every one
AgnosticDragon's avatar
Llamatrade is not set up that way. Besides, I have never seen more than three active offers at once. Most of them go quickly.
Hero-of-the-Triforce's avatar
You might be able to do that, but I'm not sure. 
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This is excellent. But the characters are the other way around. People who have points are the ones in charge. And 3 points is way too much compared to what they offer in trade bots which is something like 0,1 points for a llama.
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