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Great Gray Owl

By Les-Piccolo
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Great Gray Owl stretching. I think I woke him up. This was taken late afternoon and at a time when he should actually be still sleeping in his perch before resuming hunting at dusk. My approach wakened him and I saw him do this several times in the short while I was observing. To clarify what is happening here he is raising his wings above his head and stretching his head and neck outward. Doesn't look weird to me probably because I was there and saw the whole thing in action. He also coughed up a pellet (undigested fur and bone) while I was observing which they commonly do upon waking but did not manage to get that shot.
I never dreamed this shot could create such a divergence of interpretation. I'm laughing out loud from the humour expressed here. Thank you all very much for the interesting comments and the kind words.
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1/200 second
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500 mm
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Date Taken
Sep 23, 2010, 4:20:55 PM
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What a moment caught!

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DebasishPhotosHobbyist Photographer
Awesome shot!
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InkchorHobbyist Traditional Artist
For anyone still confused: the owl is raising and stretching its wings while fanning its tail feathers. Probably trying to make itself look big and imposing. 
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hclausenHobbyist Photographer
That is what I thought.  Still would not want to mess with him.
MalakRomanoYT's avatar
I think this is actually real... Idk but i have a feeling about it
Les-Piccolo's avatar
It's real. Google birds stretching, any bird, they all are similar. Just caught him at the right moment
CANIDStheInnovator's avatar
What is that owl doing?
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baffledbearHobbyist General Artist
What is that great feather figure on his head? Nice shoot btw. :D (Big Grin) 
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AveragePhotographerHobbyist Photographer
Awesome shot!
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JPCourcelleHobbyist Photographer
J'adore cette photo image parfaite Bravo !
AchillobatorPrince's avatar
AchillobatorPrinceHobbyist General Artist
I thought this was shopped, I was wrong.
4V3NG3D-S3V3NF0LD's avatar
4V3NG3D-S3V3NF0LDHobbyist Photographer
Lol XD that's funny
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coldstaresHobbyist Photographer

It looks like he is trying to look all big and scary. He just wants you to stay back and use your big lenses… Great shot!

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Aang10Hobbyist General Artist
Strix nebulosi.
bear48's avatar
very nice
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Beats111Hobbyist Photographer
Ieve never seen something like that :D it's unique i love it 
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DreamandNatureStudent Photographer
The owl is a bit angry about your presence. Its a wonderful shot.
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euphoricmadnessHobbyist Photographer
Could he really get his wings that high up? Do you have a video of that cuz that would definitely be interesting to see. :giggle:
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xxbrowniesrulexxStudent Digital Artist
It looks like he has wings on his head XD
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93MillerHobbyist Writer
That is one interesting way to stretch. It almost looks like he's doing a handstand with the way his wings make a leg-like appearance above his head.
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wooow okay so this took me a moment to figure out. i seriously thought it looked like a smaller owl diving into the head or back of a larger owl. then i was like "this has to be edited" and chuckled, then clicked on it. then i read he was stretching, went back up to the picture, and just kept staring like "what the hell is with the weird shaped feathers on his noggin?!" yeah.. i felt really stupid -_- but hey! it's a strange angle is it not?! awesome photo by the way and absolutely wonderful timing!
Les-Piccolo's avatar
Thanks!  Seemed to freak a lot of people out.
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scubasteve015Professional Traditional Artist
very dissapointed. just horrible
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