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I am tired of taking the high road! I want a daily deviation! everyone's got one! I really need a daily deviation! dammit! how do i go doing that? i have 5 dollars and.... um.... 79 cents for you if you get me a daily deviation!
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So, while we still fight the horrors of finding more viewers and all that (we think this is due to the fact that Erik has nothing but contempt towards forums or just typing online) we also wanted to get some fan arts for our extras page! So if you like the red cals, or even if you despise us, if you make fan art of the red cals, we will post it to the red cals website and we will link you to your site! awesome, no? so here's is what you need to do:

1: go check or if you haven't done so yet.
2: like us in facebook (optional)
3: draw any of the characters, either by themselves, with others, with your characters, hanging out at the coffee house, chillaxing with Abraham Lincoln. Whatever you want! If you make it, We promise it will be published.
4: contact us either here or at facebook, or better yet, email erik over at erik3k (at) gmails dot coms.
5: profit! ok, no profit, but you get the idea.

Do it fast cause we need them soon! Let's go!
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So I have been working on the Red Calaveras for a bit and I really wish I had more viewers, or readers, or fans, or anyone! So, if you are reading this, please tell your friends! go to redcalaveras . com or our facebook page,

Tell your friends! Tell your mom!!
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hoooo yeah!
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been extra busy this past couple of months. thanks to everyone who helped! i was able to get my computer, named vicky. she is incredible!

and comissions are on the works! could everyone that hasn't received a commission yet remind me to finish it?

thank yous!

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  • Watching: tda
  • Playing: teris on the iphone
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my computer just died. in case you dont know, my computer is my livelyhood and how i make money. I do not have the money to replace it right now, so this is why i am opening commissions for now. they will be all be watercolors and acrylics at this point since i cannot make digital versions. Here is the details:

15 bucks for inks
25 for watercolors, small
45 for watercolors, large
75 for acrylics, medium
100 for acrylics, large

i can do portraits of people, pets, anime characters, comic characters, original characters.

leave me a not if you are interested. all pieces also will require a shipping and handling fee, but i'll try yo keep it as small as possible.
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So i Yanked this from phil and bob ( :iconsamuraimujuru: and :iconvanheist: ) so i thought it would be a good idea. plus i will be working more on momo this summer and it is a good way to introduve you to him).

The Interview Rules:
1. You must choose only ONE of your OCs. Do it again if you wanna use another OC.
2. Your OC must answer every question as truthfully as possible or as in character as possible. Cuz face it bad guys just don't answer truthfully.
3. Title the journal as OC Interview: Character (IE OC Interview: James Bond)
4. When you're done, tag as many people as you want.
5. Have fun!!!


1. Hi! What's your real name and nickname?
Momo, just momo. it does not mean peach or something like that. I am not a japanese peach, dammits! blame my mom! I really do not have a nickname. it is more of a title, or better yet, an office. I hold the office of the nordic thunder god. No i am not thos, i just hold his office.

2. Interesting... what's your current age?
I am 8 and a half!

3. Uh huh. What's your favorite food?
steak! and pomegranates!

4. And your favorite drinks?
erm... kool aid? but when i am older i will drink manly drinks! like coffee!

5. Confession time! Who's your crush/lover?
I do not have a crush! that is for little kids! i have a girlfriend! And she totally cute! her name is Lissa and she loves me! I her man! Just don't tell her, ok?

6. Have you two kissed yet?
Not yet, but i am working on it!

7. OK! What's your favorite color?
Erm, i dunno. is there a color for thunder? i dunno.

8. Who's your favorite author?
Did the eddas had known writers? cause if they did, it would be that one dude.

9. Now what's your biggest fear?
Copyright infringement

10. *stifles a giggle* I'm not laughing *bursts out laughing*
Dude! for real!

11. Awesome. Who's your hero?

12. Ok, who is your worst enemy?
stairs? no, wait, let me think... this villain, called the toilet. but he is stupid. i got a lot of villains but they do not deserve me as their nemesis.

13. What would you do if your hero and your worst hung out?
do you like hanging out with dorks? cause i don't

14. Interesting... what would you do if you met your creator?
he not a dork, right? i heard he aint a dork. so i guess that's be pretty cool. i hope he has food at his place.

15. Now, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Professional game show contestant.

16. What's your worst nightmare?
answering more questions. i mean, come on!

17. What's your lifelong dream?
hit people with a big hammer. and make millions while doing so, and then go and liscense my likeness to companies. there will be the cartoon, the movie, the underoos, the other stuff. all that!

18. What would you do if your lifelong dream came true?
im working on it

19. Ok, where's your favorite place to relax?
hmmmm i dunno, there is no real time to chill.

20. Last question! What do you spend most of your time doing?
punishing punkasses!

21. We're done! Now tag whoever you want

i guess i tag whoever reads this tirade.!
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i went on this tirade on a reply, well mostly cause a kind viewer gave me some really nice praise on dj, a deviation i just submitted. and i think it is too good to just leave it over there. that and i wanted to get it off my chest. here it is:

thank you! in reality i rarely draw black men. i do draw a lot of black women (cause i think there should be more black women everywhere, and every now and then a let my inner black woman come out. although dj is actually a caribean like me, i am really happy that he is written so smartly. he is not tough, he is not gangsta, he is not angry for no reason whatsoever. he is a very good character. something that irks me is how many minority characters are written by people (in television, comics, novels and so on) by people who have no idea what the characters are about. i truly hate when a caribean character is written like a mexican, or when a black character is all ghetto for no reason, or when an artist is portrayed as a pothead, or when a latin character says random things in spanish for no reason, or when he or she says "madre de dios". i have never found myself talking to myself in spanish, when shit is going down! and i have spoken proper educated spanish for basically all my life. in my life i have heard a native spanish speaker say "madre de dios", and i know a lot of those guys. i lived in a tiny island with 4 million of them for 25 years, believe me, i know them.

ugh, i am sorry for going on this rant.

i really like how dj is portrayed, he is not a magical character that does something magnificent (like in so many movies that have a black character, like in the green mile or bruce almighty. a black man cannot appear on screen and be a normal person. nor a latin man cannot appear anywhere and have a knife and try to steal your job or be a criminal. please, that is just ignorant writing. i think the writers of tdi and tda are just geniuses and the deserve all the praise i can give them.

thanks for the kind comments too.

and sorry for the long ass reply.
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I want a daily deviation! like i really want one! who the hell do i have to shoot to get one? grrrr!
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So, Communication Arts' Illustration Competition is comming fast, the deadline is march 6 and i want to enter once again. So the question is simple: What should I send?

In reality I could enter the corporate competition or the unpublished competition. i am thinking of going more for the unpublished since it is not tied to anything. I can enter the series or the single work. So how can you help? easy! you guys go and tell me what should i send. and if should it be in a series. The one thing is that it cannot be fan art, so the superhero and the tdi is out of the question. the ghost girl is also out since that one has shit for resolution.  so just about anything that i have done in the last year till today is up for grabs. Let me know and help me make my desicion. Also, there is a chance for me to make a brand new piece.

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so yeah, i will be arriving in kansas (topeka) on friday and leaving on tuesday, and then i will be in l.a. for about two weeks. if any of you guys want to hang, meet or chill, let me know here! i'd love to hang out with all of yous!also, i am on facebook. search erik lervold.
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I was tagged by :SkyeBD:

Please remember these steps while tagging:

1. Post these rules in your journal.
2. Each tagged person shall post 8 aleatory facts about themselves.
3. Tagged people shall write a Journal/Blog about their facts.
4. After posting your 8 facts, tag and name 8 more people.
5. Go to their dA websites and comment that they have been tagged and hugged, or have inspirational qualities...

8 facts about me

1. I climbed once mount Killimanjaro, back in 1942, and i left my stash of 18 centure porn under a rock. must go back to get it.
2. I can kick anyone's ass using Haomaru in the snk games.
3. I have three ferrets (but you all know that)
4. Once I rocked so hard, it killed a man.
5. I send most of my time thinking on how to prank my friends.
6. i have way too many roomates.
7. I need a vacation
8. I need a shower.

now to tag 8 peoples....
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hey guys, i was wondering. what old american cartoon should i make fan art of? transformers? silverhawks? maybe even a tv show! the a team, something like that