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Armbinder tutorial

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A tutorial on how to make and use and armbinder on yourself by just using a simple set of trousers! included with grammar issues and all! Please let me know what you think of it and if you ever test this let me know if it worked properly! :)

WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS ON YOUR OWN OR BE SURE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ESCAPE. Feedback from Filipek1997 made me clear that this might be very hard to get out of. Do not take any risks and play safe.

MorbidoToaster came up with a way to get out easier: Tie a string to the waistband and put it in with your arms, if you get stuck you can pull the waistband down by the string to get your elbows out.

Some tips from the-ultimate-rider point out the following:
- Be sure to have a knife or scissors near you at all time when you try this. Put it somewhere you can reach it with your (tied up) arms.
- When you will try this be aware that escaping is hard! People that are not physicaly fit, problems with their lungs or other things that might be at hand should carefully over think if they should actually try this.
- Escaping is harder then it might seem at first. If you can't get out at a certain point, don't go further. Because going further might make the situation even harder or near impossible to escape. when looking at the tutorial, after every step that comes after step 4 you should test if you can still get out. If you can't then don't go further!
-The last step can be very treacherous since the knot is (when you pull it tight) almost impossible to get out from because you actually don't have the room inside to fiddle it open. BE AWARE!
- A little trick to get out when tied up: use a doorknob or a hook against the wall to pull the fabric from your chest over your head. Maybe it is wise to construct an escape method before trying this out.

Please do consider the safety issues that go allong with this. I am not responsible for any injury or problems that may occur if anyone ever tests this out. Please do not copy and paste to other websites. Please keep this away from anyone who isn't 18 years or older.

Many thanks to ""MorbidoToaster", "Filipek1997" and "the-ultimate-rider" for giving feedback and tips so other people are more aware and can play this more safely.

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I did it, it worked, I just panicked when I couldn't free myself but in the end I was able to free myself.