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SaphireBlue for symbian 3rd

still a work in progress, i still have to work on the icons, and then it will be released :)

please comment if you have any suggestion

** EDIT 01/09/07 **

v1.0 :
- The theme is finally released and available for download as a .sis

v1.01 :
- Fixed progressbar display
- Fixed network indicator display
- Fixed scrollbar display

( thanks doudoo for bug reporting )

- Fixed Black on Black and White on White text in some windows
- Change in the app selector.

- Skinned non-N95 music player
- Un-skinned analog clocks ( skin used to bug )
- Skinned dialing/incoming/outcoming calls

Still to come : bright green and orange versions ( if I've got enough motivation )
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How you make this?? pls tell
RicardoAlves's avatar
Can you make it for Nokia E65??????
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yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! please convert for S60v2 ....:((
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i've changed the date to 2008 and it works!
this theme is awesome. looks great with my N73ME :) :+fav:
gx-x's avatar
yep, expired indeed :/
bimarefat's avatar
i received "Expired certificate" error!! can't install it on my n95!
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I've included this theme in an article called All the best Nokia themes
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Thanks :) I like your blog ^^
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thanks. subscribe to the feed cause I'm adding something new and shiny every day.
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great theme!
What program do u use to make it?
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I used Carbide.UI :)
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great work!

only thing that bothers me a tiny bit is the mini icons (contacts, bluetooth, gallery, web, maps, new message) are pixelated. other than that great work man =]
Ok first off I must say top notch theme leroi

Im using it on my N82 and it bloody great.

I know how to use Carbide UI and the new 3.2 is out so i wanted to ask you if I could get source of this theme or maybe you could make some fixes if others agree. Like the "start bar" make it glossy or something and change all of the stock icons I like eye candy :D

Its probably a lot of work and I would like to get my hands on the source so I can do it to my own liking would show you the outcome if you interested.

Thanks in advance
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ok thats a great theme and i'm using it but its been 8 month that u didnt do any other theme?
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love it would like a glossy black version though ;)
handle with care.
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it looks like i want this for my E65 :P
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Can you upload version with default icons please ;)
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really thank you awesome
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I like i like i like i like !!!!
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Great theme, i'm using it on my N95 now. Thank you, leroi14.
I have a suggestion though.
I think maybe it would be better if the font color is white when typing or reading the sms messages.
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when editing phone number in contacts the white on white is not so fun, lol nor is the black on black text in the text message sender bit either
otherwise i'm completely in love with this! can't wait for the update!!
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