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I drew this using inspiration from several koi pictures across the web. Drawn freehand, then colored with prisma pencils, inked with my copic, and the main black is darkened from the marker I used via puter.

I originally made this for my Mom's birthday....

My main hope is to show this baby to the local tattooist and have him buy the art from me, therefore a possible new line of revinue will ensue.... or something like that.

Any similarities between this and other artorks on the whole of the picture (not pieces) are coincidences.

(I did find a tattoo that has on his arm... sorry, I found yours when I was over halfway done with it! I was Shocked!)
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Its amazing,the colours for both the waves and the koi are beautiful done,im loving it
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this koi says "meow!" ^^ i see cat ears on the fish
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LOL you are the first to ever notice that!
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i hate to sound harsh but i am a tattoo artist and our shop owns a koi pic exactly like this and it is a very populare peice of flash art so i would not recomend selling or trying to sell this due to alot of tattoo shops already own the art. it's better to be completly creative on your own
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This one is different: [link]
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Looks like a lot of flash artists do the same thing I do and take pieces of art from other pictures to create their own works. Besides.. this was done.. how long ago? Almost two years now... and after I had started coloring mine, I saw the tattoo done on the person I mentioned above... so I realize mine is like a lot of others out there. But it was taken from several different pieces separately. It is coincidence that it looks like others work... nothing more.
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i don't mean to be rude or anything like that, but there are a lot of koi pictures around that look almost exactly like that :/ i'm not saying that you took other people's work, i'm just saying that maybe you might want to be more careful with the things you say about your artwork. the coloring is absolutely gorgeous, but the outline of the koi and such in itself is impeccably similar to a lot of koi pictures that i've seen. you may say that the similarities are mere coincidences, but i think more than one picture that look like it are not just coincidences. and there are quite a few of them that look like that. i think credit should be issued to those whose ideas came from.
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Good morning ^^

I happened upon your artwork while searching for koi pictures here on dA. And well, this picture looks almost exactly like an image I draw quite a number of years ago. These aren't mere conicidental pieces of the picture that look similar but it's evident to me that you have copied the structure of my image and changed things. I feel rather insulted at the moment.
You said you used multiple reference from around the web, did you not? If I am mistaken in my accusation that you have stolen my artwork then please explain yourself if you will.
I have not reported with to dA staff yet.
I preferred to bring the matter up to you personally.
In all honesty I think it's a beautiful rendition but saying that you came up with the structure on your own...
I truely am disappointed in an artist when I see that they have taken another persons artwork, even altered it only slightly, and called it their own.
I really wouldn't have a problem if credit were given to the proper source but it hasn't been.
Again, if I'm making improper accusations please tell me how.
If I'm not able to resolve this civilly I'll report this to the Deviantart staff. Thank you.

My image: [link]
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hi, great artwork by the way and yeah it does have similarities but the difference is its all yours! Mine was a collaboration with me and the tattoo artist.
There will always be similarities in some types of artwork and tattoo art is one of those types I think. Yours is your own original piece and it will look great once inked!! =)
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