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2019 commissions

Here are my new commissions!! please dont comment on my older journal and please be specific when ordering! - closed - on hold - open  Busts  coloured - 90 shaded -  150 Fullbodies   coloured - 120 shaded - 190 Customs  basic (1 fullbody) - 150-200  complex (1 fullbody, 1 headshot) - 170-250  super (1 fullbody, 2 headshots) - 200-300

commissions n such

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Contest! $80 in prizes [open, mine]

! Edit: sorry for such a heavy extension but it will be ending July 1st 2020 Contest for 400 watchers! there will be a raffle too- I'm just setting these up right now When does it end? june 1st or later (last extension would be up to July 1st), since then it'll be summer and I'll have the capacity to draw all of the owed art in a reasonable amount of time what do you need to draw? anyone from this TH tag: Art what's being graded? effort, quality, accuracy, and quantity (quantity is least examined) now, what everyone wants- Prizes I hope to add to these, and if anyone wants to add-on, go ahead! just comment- I'll save up more points t

contests, raffles, etc

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