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ThunderQuest Chapter Three
Thunder Quest
Chapter Three
The water splashed against his oar as Torgh paddled toward the island, the setting sun dusting the lake with sparkling gold.  He had always enjoyed the scene, but now his mind was on fetching his sister.  There would always be other sunsets to admire.  Helping their mother make the evening meal could not wait.
As the duckbilled reptile drew up alongside the pier, he spotted his sister's canoe tied there, and caught the faint thud of an arrow hitting its target.  Protector Island was where the Hadrosian elite warrior-guardians of his village came to sharpen their physical strength and fighting skills.  Crossbows and regular bows were the main weapons and all Protectors were proficient with them.  But the Masters always insisted on versatility, so swords, spears, staves, sling-shots, and boomerangs were added to the repertoire.
The Masters also knew there was more to a Protector than sheer physical st
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I lost a piece of my youth forever when ex-Monkees frontman David "Davy" Jones died yesterday from a massive heart attack at the age of 66.

Now I'm sure there's a lot of you on this site who have never heard of the Monkees, the made-for-TV rock band from the mid-to-late 1960s.  You might not even have heard of the group's members:  Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Peter Tork, and Michael Nesmith.  Heck, you might not even know about their songs.  But for a 12-year-old girl like me (back then) they were a joy to watch and listen to.   Yes, they were patterned shamelessly on the Beatles and their two films "A Hard Day's Night" and "Help!", but me and lot of other kids didn't care.  The group and their songs were what mattered:  "Last Train to Clarksville", "I'm A Believer", "I'm Not Your Stepping Stone", and "Pleasant Valley Sunday".  Small and slender with dark hair, dark eyes, and porcelain skin, Davy was cast as the group cutie-pie (oh, he was that!), but along the way he proved he could stand on his own with his vocals on "Valleri", "Cuddly Toy", "I Wanna Be Free", "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You", and "Daydream Believer".  Which was no surprise; he had prior musical theater experience as a teenager, appearing in the Broadway production of Lionel Bart's musical "Oliver!" from 1962 to 1964.  Enjoyably, before all that, he was an apprentice jockey who rode racehorses before making the jump to singing and acting.  Lucky horses, they must have heard him singing before the rest of us did.

Davy hailed from Manchester, England with the pronounced accent to prove it.  I recall him on one episode of "The Monkees" saying "little metal bottle caps" like "lit-ah met-ah bot-ah caps".  Heh, well, that's what it sounded like to me.

After "The Monkees" ended, Davy went on to other things.  He made a wildly popluar appearence on "The Brady Bunch', portraying himself.  He also made a shoe commercial later on where he stood in a phone booth saying, "I want my shoes to speak to people."  He even went back to doing "Oliver!", taking the role of Fagin.  The last time I saw him on TV was in an episode of "Sabrina the Teenaged Witch", again portraying himself, this time opposite Melissa Joan Hart.

I spent some of this evening watching a clip of "The Monkees" on YouTube, where Davy sang "Daydream Believer".  I watched it at least three or four times, remembering and loving his talent and knowing he died far too young and that I'll never see him again.

Oh, Davy, why did you have to leave us?


Patricia Hayes
United States


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