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  • Scroll down to see our price list.

  • We are fully active until we explicitly say otherwise.

  • PLEASE EMAIL US!! We only log in here to update the gallery and post our ad. Please do not use deviantart notes or comments to place an order.

  • We do not do isometric pixel art.

  • Upfront payment is required for every project, this is not negotiable.


November 13, 2019

  • Switched pricelist and profile update for DeviantArt's Eclipse version.

  • Current deal: 3 x 2 in 16-bit Character Spritesheets


We are Team LePixelists!

We are a group of professionals in the field of graphic design who came together more than 10 years ago to create this little online store. Some of us are also hobbyist game developers ourselves and we have experience with all sorts of gamedev engines, with all of the knowledge about how they use graphic and audio formats that comes with them as well.

Our main objective with this project of ours has always been to support the indie game development industry by offering amateur and professional indie game developers who have a small budget the chance to acquire high quality custom pixel art and music for use on their freeware and commercial game titles. The prices below apply to indie developers creating freeware game/software projects, if you desire to hire us for a commercial project, please send an email to lepixelists [at] hotmail [dot] com, tell us all about your project, and we'll discuss things with you ASAP.



The following prices apply for Small Sprites, and are simple approximations. To get an accurate price estimate, please send us an email to discuss your request, and we'll give you a quote.

Sizing approximation guidelines:

  • For extra poses, animations, effects (raising hands, blinks, emotions, dead poses, dissolve, fade, teleport, explode, melt, etc.) please tell us about it.

  • Objects, when animated, count as spritesheets. When static, they count as tilesets.

RPG Overhead "eagle eye" View Style Character Spritesheets (standing and walking in 4 directions): ♦ Four frame walking animation = $20

♦ Six frame walking animation = $27

♦ Eight frame walking animation = $30

Platformer Side Scroller View Style Character Spritesheet (includes a standing pose, a walking animation, a jumping and crouching sprite).

♦ Two frame walking animation (Retro)= $10

♦ Four frame walking animation = $15

♦ Eight frame walking animation = $30

Sample images:


Tileset work depends on the size of the tile and color count, plus content of tile, the sizes below are measured in pixels and are by default of 32 colors or less, for any size you don't see below, please email us. Prices below are an approximation.

  • Tiles (static): ♦ 16 x 16 tile = $1 each tile. (A platformer game floor of 9 tiles would cost $9) ♦ 32 x 32 tile = $3 each tile. (A platformer game floor of 9 tiles would cost $27) ♦ 64 x 64 tile = $5 each tile. (A platformer game floor of 9 tiles would cost $45) If you have any doubts about assembling your order, do not hesitate to drop us an email and we'll be happy to guide you through the process.

Sample images:

Tilesets - Vegetation 02
Tilesets - Battlefield 01
Isometric CS Go Map
Pandix Platformer Mockup
Dragon Quest Inspired 8-Bit Tileset
Pixel Map - Junin de los Andes

We only accept Paypal as cash payment method. It also allows for credit/debit card deposits.

If you wish to make an order or would like to ask a question, please contact us at lepixelists [at] hotmail [dot] com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! Our workspeed is great and convenient, short deadlines are not a problem for us! We encourage you to read our Terms of Service.

Additionally, we offer a few purchase options in our DeviantArt Shop Section, for people who wish to make purchases using DeviantArt Points :points:, however the product options will be more limited in nature.

Looking forward to work with you!


Team LePixelists




- Prices bound to change drastically depending on the job specified by the client and by the usage purpose of the pieces in question, prices also change depending on the actual size of the sprites. We encourage you to read our Terms of Service before placing an order. Urgent deadlines may include an additional fee, for any inquiries please write us an email to lepixelists [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Team LePixelists!

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NOTICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS: Due to coronavirus contagions within our staff members, email updates have been suspended and production has severely slowed down. WE HAVE NOT PAUSED DEVELOPMENT ON ONGOING ORDERS. We will work over the clock to get your ma
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BEFORE YOU READ: • For any questions you may have, please email us at lepixelists [at] hotmail [dot] com. Team LePixelists Basic Rules On Our Services: See here for a description of what services we offer. :bulletwhite: We do not do isometric pixel art. :bulletwhite: Upfront payment is REQUIRED for any project, this is not negotiable. :bulletwhite: We do not create "test" or "sample" sprites for free. :bulletwhite: Paypal Transfer Fee is included in Total Price (varies depending on location). :bulletwhite: Team LePixelists reserves the rights to display samples of completed pieces on our deviantART gallery & portfolio webs
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Hey. I was wondering what happen to you guys. It seems like you disappeared into nowhere.

Seriously loving the style. I'll be contacting you in the future soon

Thank you! Looking forward to doing business with you!

Sent you all an email. Get back to me when possible, thanks.
We have responded, thank you for contacting us.
I sent an email on October 23rd, but haven't got a response yet. 
Lots of emails are getting redirected to our spam folder. Please re-send your email and we'll be on the lookout for it.

We apologize for the inconvenience.