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Name/Username: tree / lepidopterae 
Rank: A


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[Mothcats Registration Card] Babbette by lepidopterae   [Mothcats Registration Card] Grisaille by lepidopterae   [Mothcats Registration Card] Lulubelle by lepidopterae  
[Mothcats Registration Card] Saturn by lepidopterae   [Mothcats Registration Card] Artemis by lepidopterae  [Mothcats Registration Card] Procyon by lepidopterae
[Mothcats Registration Card] Horace by lepidopterae   [Mothcat ID] TCBC by SpicyIsopods   [Mothcats Registration Card] Michelle by lepidopterae
[MYO] Lottie-Bug by lepidopterae [approved] popple! by lepidopterae [APPROVED] Leaves in the Snow by olympvs
  [MC] Winter Advent Day 25 - Make a Wish by floramisa Mcatamberowl By Roswells Db3zdpd By Hvnt-db40292 by lepidopterae Fullsize No Clothes by lepidopterae

Wild Bumblebun  Befriended by lepidopterae [MYO] black n yellow black n yellow by lepidopterae


Mothcat MYOs:
Rare Mothcat MYO Ticket by Mothkitten Rare Mothcat MYO Ticket by Mothkitten
Rare (x2)

Florabun MYOs:
Rare Mothcat MYO Ticket by Mothkitten Common Mothcat MYO Ticket by Mothkitten
Rare | Common

Bank Account: 69
Copper Flower Token by floramisa | 6 Silver Flower Token by floramisa | 4 
Copper Doubloon by floramisa | 4 Silver Doubloon by floramisa
Mothcats are a closed species owned by floramisa !

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