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introducing Babbette's younger sister, Lulubelle! (Lulu for short.) unlike her big sis, Lulu does not have a maternal bone in her body. she's a RUDE BABY who BAPS BABB on the FACE and then RUNS AWAY CACKLING. she was a VERY ZOOMY mothkitten who grew into a lanky adult ("adult") cat who CAN RUN REALLY FAST. SO FAST. SEE HOW FAST SHE RUNS. THERE SHE GO!!!

timing sucks for Babb, 'cause Lulu was born right around the same time that Babb had her twins, so folks often mistake Lulu for one of Babb's kids. which she is not. and she's very happy to remind Babb at every waking moment that Babb is in fact NOT HER MOTHER. NEENER NEENER

Lulu is based off a regent skipper, a particularly zoomy little butterfly:…

Mothcats are a closed species belonging to doroling !
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I love her smirk she's comin' home with me now the precious creature