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Anthro Male Base Pack (DISCOUNTED!)


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luke's guide to deviantart slang

 well i've been thinking abt this for a while now. since i'm dragging a bunch of friends into the deviantart animal community, i've realised there's a bunch of acronyms and initialisms that the newbies won't know. so i figured i'd make a list, a sort of crash course to the lingo! feel free to fav this to use for your own reference or to educate ur noob friends. you can hit CTRL+F to find a specific acronym or phrase! also this is by no means everything!! i will add more as i remember, and please comment if you've got any that i've forgotten! GENERALNsfw - not safe for work (mature content) Anthro - animal with human anatomy/characterist

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[F2U] Strength

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[F2U] Pink Deer Code

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The Man Comes Around


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