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For those of you who don't know many of my images are available as prints on my website:

For the month of December I'm offering a special discount for anyone that purchases a print all you need to do is enter the coupon code "deviantart" without the quotes and you will get 20% off your entire order.

Many of these prints are extremely limited edition or one of a kind, so first come first serve, and when they are gone.  They are gone for good.
For those of you who really like and enjoy my work, I'm starting funding for a new book project I've been dying to attempt.  You can check out the video, and back it by going to…

Here is a brief intro:
The past three years of my life I have lived as a traveling fashion and fine art photographer on the roads of America.  Shooting for magazines like Z!NK, Bizarre, Marquise, and websites like Zivity.  I've driven from the Atlantic to the Pacific and back more times than I can keep track of, and spent more nights falling asleep under the stars than in my own bed. Every dollar I have made has been put into navigating to the next rest stop, job, national park. I've seen this country like few have.  I have seen the real American spirit.  These two to three month trips have all been leading up to this, my most ambitious project, 50 models in 50 states.
New low price for portraits at &… $25 for limited edition prints.
I guess I should at least update this blog once or twice a year right?

So I have been traveling relentlessly this year.  Already made it to california and back twice, shooting all along the way.  With that much traveling I managed to finish my first landscape book.  Its called simply America as it is a collection of only american landscapes.  Its not that I think ours are better than anyone else's, but that its much easier/cheaper for me to travel to these places, and they are beautiful.

I've also discovered that though most of the places I have documented on this book, though in America are actually appreciated in much higher numbers by people who reside in other nations.  I don't know why that is.  Perhaps Europe and Asia has more vacation time, or maybe they have a higher appreciation for the natural beauty of the land.  I would guess its a combination of the two.

So I will be updating with a couple of the photos from the book on here the next couple of days.

Like this
Yosemite Book Cover by lepersabstain
and this
Lone Bison, Yellowstone National Park by lepersabstain

If you are really into them you should probably do yourself a favor and pick up a copy because I am very very very excited about how it came out.

Moving on from that.  The next couple months will be entirely focused on trying to finish my outdoor nude book.  Its inspired quite heavily by my love and landscapes, and human interaction with those spaces, and judging by the reception I have had for the images so far the followers are quite pleased.

I hope you all continue enjoying what you see, and I will attempt to keep you better in the loop of what I am up to.

For anyone interested I update much more often over at tumblr.  Mine is
and I also update my website on occasion which is simply

Thanks for following
So this past year has been crazy, and though this month will be relatively calm with only a couple trips to New York on the agenda, I'm sure its already leading to what will be an even busier and crazier year for 2011.

I managed to shoot in and visit 47 different states, made it to the pacific ocean twice, tons of national parks, and finally left the country this year.  My website is built, which hopefully you all check out frequently for updates on my main blog and photographic series if you haven't seen it you can check it out here

Also built a shop and am about half way done with a number of different book projects that I have been working really hard on.  You can find my prints for sale all at &… are lots of prints up there and listed for a steal for the holidays.
I finally did it.
my website is alive, and constantly being updated with new photography from my travels and general life
you can also check out my blog and check back every now and then for prints i will be selling there shortly

check it out
Sale Extension
I'm extending the print sale for another 5 days because i figured out international shipping.  Now everyone world wide can get in on the sale.  I am also adding an additional print of Zui Suicide.

Mature Content

American Nightmare by lepersabstain

For the next 10 days I'll be reducing the price of all of my prints on etsy from 50 dollars to 20 to celebrate my first solo gallery show happening in July and put money towards the massive cost of framing and mounting all of my images.

These are all mostly never before released prints and some of my more popular deviations from the past 2 years, and once these are gone they won't be printed again


Mature Content

East of Sun West of the Moon by lepersabstain

of Apnea

Mature Content

Jade Vixen by lepersabstain

of Jade Vixen

Mature Content

Mosh II by lepersabstain

of Mosh

Mature Content

Have a Cigarette by lepersabstain

of Lily Hex

and thank you to anyone who happens to purchase one, it lets me continue to make the work that I do.
Get Them Here…

so i've decided that rather than hoarding all of my polaroids i'm going to let two of Apnea go they'll be on ebay for the next 5 or 6 days and will be signed by her and i &
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I've boiled it down, and re-edited a massive quantity of work, went back, fixed old images, reworked my entire catalog and started getting test prints in.

If anyone is a gallery owner or has a friend that runs a gallery...I need you to show my work :)

I have about 4 main bodies of work right now and would very much like to see it finally showing.
I will be removing my first book from publication and discontinuing distribution of it January 1st 2010 if you were planning on buying it you can still get it before then here, but afterward it will no longer be available

Models: Anna Evans   MM# 322877

           Stephy C      MM# 645515…

           Shandra       MM# 101286

All models will be available both with wardrobe and of course without

Where: Manhattan in a spacious studio area with 3 shooting stations

When: November 21st 11-6pm

What:  We will be having a morning lighting demonstration with the equipment available to us covering how to see and manipulate professional studio lighting to get the results you want for 1-3 lighting set ups in Glamor, Alternative and Nude Photography.

A brief break for provided lunch

And then time for shooting each photographer should have a very good amount of time to work with each of the models on hand in each of the shooting stations.

Photographers should have a DSLR and can bring a laptop for editing instruction if interested.

Class: No More than 12

Cost: $350 per Photographer

please PM for payment instructions
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wurd see it all for free
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Sundays shoot that we through together in about 45 minutes was sweet...I don't even know if you could call it a real shoot.  

Anna Evans, Vaunt Designs, Amanda RedRum Collab, Jon mmmmmmmmmmmmayhem, and i were sitting around Jon's apartment measuring the size of our photographic man hoods comparing lenses when I pulled out a camera.  And from there we decided we might as well shoot the hats Vaunt wants to sell in front of Amanda's mattress which has been on Jon's floor for a while now due to what has been a disaster of a move from Boston.

some quick make up, a run for lights, and the mattress in front of the tv, we were shooting.

In other news I hit the road August 14th and will be hitting up Nashville, Kansas City, Denver, Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angelas, San Fransisco, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Cleveland.

Back to Philly sometime mid October

then possibly back on the road in a joint effort to shoot the hell out of florida with Redrum
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i changed the name re-edited over 100 pictures and slowly slowly slowly organized them into a few different chapters.  Many of my most popular dA photos are in this as well as a few never before seen photographs :)…
i'll be self publishing my first photography book very soon.  tentatively titled "you wrote love in silver memoirs"

it'll be a collection of many of my more popular photos on deviant art as well as a few never before released images.  exciting stuff.  I think it'll be close to 160 pages by the time i'm done and available for purchase on blurb :)

should be done in a week or two
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Hey you great big country over there, whats up?  And what are you guys saying about my pictures...I wanna know, but these here website translators really don't do a good job

so whats going on?…

ps. thank you to who ever put together such a collection of my work...very honored.
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So I'm working really hard on putting together three Tutorials on my processing techniques all of which I'll hopefully be able to put up on here, or eventually my website...which isn't done at all

December is a busy as hell month, but if i'm lucky I think I could get at least two of them done before christmas.  Hoorah

Mostly I'm going to go over my RAW conversions in ACR, how I decide what I'm going to do based on the lighting, and using Smart Objects and Layer Masks to get the looks i tend to do.

But for now I'm hitting the sack and then running to New York tomorrow morning to shoot some stills for a production of RENT
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I've always tried to mix up the processing of my images as much as possible.  I tend to go through many phases where I have a similar style for a month or two and then I move on.

I've been thinking about making up a couple tutorials for how I do my work from lighting, capture, processing to final output.

So for any of you that read this is there anything that I should cover, or you would like to see?
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I figure I might as well start updating this on occasion.  I've been really productive lately in every way except on this lovely site here.  Traveled all the way to Santa Monica and back in a ridiculously long car ride, and shot pictures all the way there and back.  Soon I'll be heading down to Maryland for some sort of meet and greet at Slyhorse Studio's.

Hopefully before all of that I'll pick up the pace and update this with some photo's for all of you.
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for art nude critique…