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Go West, Young Man, the 150 page Wilde Life art book PDF, full of concept art, illustrations, and the thoughts that went into developing the series, went out to Kickstarter backers today.If you didn’t back the Kickstarter, but want this book, you can now purchase it on gumroad!

Go West, Young Man, the 150 page Wilde Life art book PDF, full of concept art, illustrations, and the thoughts that went into developing the series, went out to Kickstarter backers recently.

If you didn’t back the Kickstarter, but want this book, you can now purchase it on gumroad!

This art book contains original character sketches, illustrations, mini comics, and more!

Come see me in person at these fine conventions!

S.P.A.C.E April 9-10

Tokyo in Tulsa 
July 14-17 

Well, with ONE WEEK LEFT you all snagged the Cliff mini comic! 

So, now on to the FINAL STRETCH GOAL! It’s a long shot, but I said I’d do it! We’ve got a week left, so who knows! 

This black and white comic will be an 18+ story about a man, a ghost, and a hot summer night. :3

Back the Kickstarter


Either way, I'm THRILLED over this kickstarter! I can't wait to get to work on those mini comics and I thank each and every one of you for making them happen! :)



TEN DAYS LEFT and we got the new Sylvia Story!!

The next stretch goal is an ALL NEW Clifford mini comic:

Nothing exciting ever seems to happen to small-town werewolf Clifford Norman, but maybe there’s a secret reason why…

Clifford’s Very Boring Day is an all new black and white mini that follows our resident glarewolf and some very dedicated secret helpers as they all go about their day in Podunk, Oklahoma.

With only ten days left, I don’t know if we’ll make it or not! But thanks so much to everyone who has supported the KS! I’m thrilled and so excited about it!

Wilde Life Volume One Kickstarter

Oscar rented an old house from Craigslist… then things got WEIRD.

Wilde Life Volume One is now on Kickstarter! The goal is collecting the first three chapters into a beautiful, full color, 150+ page book.

If you enjoy Wilde Life already, or are into ghost stories, monsters, werewolves, witches and the American Southwest, please check it out!

Wilde Life Volume One on Kickstarter |

New wallpaper up on patreon! <3

I also have shirts and more for sale on Society 6!
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Tonight from around 8pm-10pm central time, I'll be streaming doodle requests for patrons LIVE on picarto!
Anyone is welcome to watch and chat, but I'll only be taking requests via patreon. 

If you want to put in a request, head on over to the patreon thread.

You can see past doodles on my tumblr.

Check out this AMAZING Cliff cosplay on tumblr!…

New pin-up style Sylvia wallpaper for patrons! <3

Thanks so much, patrons! You guys are making this comic happen and I’m so grateful to have your support!

Drawing doodles for patrons at STREAM OVER

Results here!
Thanks so much for all the birthday well-wishes and fanarts yesterday! I appreciate all of them. <3

And a special thanks to the anonymous users who gifted me a membership. That's really kind of you!


Wilde Life “Hello Wolfie” shirts are available now at Society6! And there’s FREE SHIPPING for the rest of the day, so now is a great time to snag one!


Hey, guys! I've setup a Patreon campaign for WILDE LIFE. If you like my comics and want to help me make more of them, please check it out!


Read Wilde Life

wide life
My next comic, Wilde Life, will launch at
on September 29th!

Hope to see you then!

If you've been watching me to see when Wilde Life launches, I've setup a mailing list over at You can now signup to be notified when the comic launches later this year!

Click here to signup!

Pascalle is on Tumblr!

For more sketches and art visit my tumblr!

If you like my art, check out my Tumblr, which has more doodles and sketches that don't always make it over here.

Click the image to order!

These buttons are ON SALE! They're totally not $5 anymore!



More Zap! stuff for sale
Our beloved Space Squid Billy is now up for preorder. He'll be $10 during preorders only, so now's the time to snag him! I would like to hold a 'kill billy' photo contest once he's shipped and happily in your home and you'll only be able to participate if you have your very own billy the squid. We'll need 100 preorders to make him happen, so we really need your support to get Billy out there. Thanks to everyone who voted on his original design. : )

So, there's this cool website ( where you can submit a toy design and if enough people vote for it, they put it into production. I've just put a design up there. If you have a minute take a peek at him and if you like him please sign up and vote for him! If he gets enough votes and comments he'll be put into pre-order! :) Check it out here -->…

I'll be at San Diego Comic Con next week!

If you're going to be there, come see me at booth #1229 (the keenspot booth). I'd love to meet you! I'll be selling Zap! volumes one and two (I'll draw in them for free if you pick them up!), original art from the comic, and some nifty Zap! buttons.

Chris and I will be at the Keenspot panel on Sunday, so check that out too! Hope to see you there! : )