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Stupid Thor Comics - Hair

I saw the trailer for Thor 2 and made a comic about it!

via my tumblr
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Meanwhile the dark elves destroy Asgard but you know Loki hair would have been more important to me to so i am totally with Thor

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This Loki is the cutest friggin' thing I've ever seen XD
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Loki the flower child
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Your Thor comics are hilarious! Please make more! :D

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Thanks! I don't think that I put all my Thor stuff on DA, so there might be some others on my tumblr
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I love this! The fifth panel has literally been amusing me all day.
You know everybody watches the Thor 2 trailer just for those two seconds at the end.... btw I love it! Actually I just love all of these comics.... :D
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Thanks so much! I'm really curious to see his hair in the movie.
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Hahaha I love this!
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I called my wife in to show her the scene of Loki in the cell, and said "You thought the fangirls were nuts over him in Avengers... just wait for the bishonen Loki to make the rounds... it will be worse then a zombie apocolypse :B
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Such flowy hair, right? haha.
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Loki is such a manly Bishonen.
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