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Hero duo sprites

for backsprites, shinies, and proper credits, check out the Gen 8 Smogon Sprite Project

face of Zacian from KingOfThe-X-Roads :iconkingofthe-x-roads:
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leparagon, I edited your sprite because I want both forms have the same perspective:…
Is it ok? Also Thanks for your brilliant work!
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Just out of curiosity do you happen to have a Discord account? I'm mainly asking this on behalf of an acquaintance of mine.
Wolfang62's avatar
Yep I do: "Wolf#1235".
Pikafan2000's avatar
Aight. Thought I'd see about getting the contact because RadicalCharizard has been wanting to assist you on your overworld project.
Wolfang62's avatar
They added me on Discord already. :) RadicalCharizard wants to make all Alcremie's forms, am just waiting their message.
Thanks anyway!
Pikafan2000's avatar
Aight. I added you to my contact list too by the way. MBCMechachu#4003 should be the one.
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oh i already have a sprite for that but i didnt upload it because zacian was never shown to change the position of its sword. but still, nice sprite!

Wolfang62's avatar
I made it because I sae some cards with that sword turn into left side:……

I will use what I did but giving credits to you too. Thanks!
leparagon's avatar

i saw the cards before already but they're separate from the games so i didn't sprite them

Wolfang62's avatar
Here the final result for both wolves:

I'll use them and sure, will give credits to you for the models.
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Can you make the Greedent, Nickit and Thievul sprites? No one seem to make them. :/
leparagon's avatar

theyre already made, im just waiting to upload them. I have a spreadsheet in the description

HM-A-Technologies's avatar

Nickit and Thiveul sprites were done already by @KingOfThe-X-Roads

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These also look incredible!
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Nice work, as you always do! However I think Zamazenta's design is wrong: its head is lower while Zacian's is higher (which is correct in my opinion). Here's a picture for comparison:…
leparagon's avatar

the design isn't wrong, i just changed the pose. look at the official art for zamazenta

FireLizard2005's avatar
Hey,I'm saving your sprites for using them for fusions.
Is that ok for you?I'll credit the sprites if I post a fusion with your sprites online.
Hope you understood.
leparagon's avatar

yeah go ahead, have fun with them

orbots8's avatar

i wonder what types they could be

i think fight steel, steel ground, steel normal, fight normal, psychic steel psychic fight for both

or maybe monotype fight for zacian and steel for zamazenta

or fight water zacian and steel fire zamazenta

bug, grass, poison and electric are impossible ghost fairy and dark are unlikely the rest could be possible, dragon i dont know (alolan exeggutor is dragon so maybe we will get dragon wolves?) zacian could be flying type (because of the wings)

Pikafan2000's avatar
Zacian is Fairy & Zamazenta is Fighting. When they have the armor on they both gain the steel type.
BlowDryGuy's avatar
...I'm pretty sure he knows that by now. That comment was made months ago.
Pikafan2000's avatar
I didn't notice the time when it was commented.

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