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Gigantamax sprites

for backsprites, shinies, and proper credits, check out the Gen 8 Smogon Sprite Project

some sprites contributed by KingOfThe-X-Roads :iconkingofthe-x-roads: and some help from G.E.Z. :icongrand-emperor-z:
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are these free to use

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yes as long as u give credit to either the smogon sprite project or the individual artists

Can I use these amazing sprites?

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yeah go ahead, just credit the smogon sprite project or credit the individual spriters for these gmax forms

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Could I use Gmax Cinderace's ball for my own Gmax Cinderace and credit you, king, and G.E.Z. for it?

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por favor me puede ayudar en mi proyecto quiero aprender ah dibujar pokemon que no sé cómo hacerlo

Swirldo sprite frente

ah that pokemon I did if you ask why I ask you for help to learn ah do it right

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sorry im very busy :(

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May I use these sprites for a future Pokémon game I would like to make?

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yes go ahead :)

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Seems completed to me, unless new g-maxes get revealed by the next DLC as well (Crown of Tundra)

Wow the sprite project is really coming together. If only there was a game with all these sprites and animations in it, I would definitely play it. (I don't like the 3D models)

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I know G-Max Orbeetle is supposed to look like a flying saucer, but it looks like a toadstool as well :XD: Mini Toadstool Emote Orbeetle

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1 left! i made corviknight a few minutes after i updated this lol

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Currently, neither the spritesheet nor the smogon thread has a non-mini sprite of GMax Corviknight. Is the mini ones also the regular bigger version of gmax corviknight sprite?

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no. if it's not on the spreadsheet that means i didn't upload it yet

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Wow only 4 more left to do. This has come a long way.

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Cool but you forgot GMax Cinderace into this sheet. You seem to have done GMax Cinderace according to the gen8 spritesheet.

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