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Gen 8 icon sprites (40x30)

Gen8 icons plus Meltan and Melmetal in the style and size of Gen7. the dynamax icon is in the same style as the mega icon from Let's Go

for the large icons and proper credits, check out the Gen 8 Smogon Sprite Project

some sprites contributed by Ivy, Kalalokki :iconkalalokki-i:, and RadicalCharizard :iconradicalcharizard:
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Thank you so much!Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]

Nice work dude

Can I use it for my game

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yes as long as you credit properly. check the other people i mentioned in the description of this so that you don't miss anyone, thanks

Could I use these for my fangame? Incredible work!

Credit would of course be given!

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yeah sure no problem

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Cool! How about Galarian Slowpoke? I'm also wondering if you guys are planning to create a 3DS version of the large icons from LGPE and SwSh for the rest of the species (or at least those which are different from the existing 3DS icons)?
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havent updated this yet haha. and no, just these and a cleaned up version of the original icons

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I see... They haven't fixed the icon palettes with the updates? And by the way Bro, just want to ask your permission for me to upload here on DA some of the custom icons from our repo (e.g. Rotom Dex, Surfing and Flying Pikachu) with 3DS/Switch palettes...
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not yet with the icons bro haha. and yeah go ahead, no prob

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You're welcome 
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You did a good job!
Personally i really dislike the new big icon sprites (especially the fact the ONLY the fully evolved mons got a bigger sprite).
However, you forgot to resize Cramorant, Falinks, Centiskorch and Drednaw, while Melmetal and Runerigus are still a bit too big.
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LarryTurbo's Cramorant is also in similar style but slightly downscaled while it has scaled down version of Falinks

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thanks! and yeah I feel the same way about the new icons. but anyway, honestly some of these were rushed sinced smogon needed them asap lol. so for cramorant I only shortened its neck instead of actually scaling it down like the rest. falinks and centiskorch seemed to fit and were reasonable so I just cleaned the sprites without scaling them them down

melmetal was made by someone else before gmaxes were revealed so I just kept it. and runerigus I cant remember what I did but I think I already scaled it down to the height of cofagrigus so im not sure why it might still feel too

Hi, so I have a story.

Back on Wednesday, ‎March ‎21, ‎2018 (taken from computer file info) I decided to start copying the 8-bit textures of pokemon just because I loved the graphics of 8 bit and with all this 3D modeling and big artsy textures I just wanted a collection of all pokemon in 8-bit art style.

So I started doing it in Paint, creating custom colors as I went to better fit the pokemon. I was looking at Tehmorrison's Gallary for the art. I would painstakingly do each pixel, not for any prize, just cause I wanted to.

later on, I got slow, less interested, and busy with school (and now work) so I told my self one pokemon a day, not the whole family like I was doing and it worked I slowly became more in love with doing it.

then I just stopped. when sword and shield came out I got back into it, it was for some reason fun again. so I was looking for gen 8 sprites (cause Tehmorrison doesn't have them) hence how I found you. and the link you provided.

I followed the link to a giant Excel spreadsheet of all the pixel arts for gen 8, I was happy but when I zoomed in on the photos it got blurry and hard to tell which colors were where. so brain blast, download the image and blow them up. to which, I learned that, I did not have to painstakingly do the art my self, that I could just download the image and put families together.

so TLDR,

I love pokemon so much I wanted to have all pixel art of them

I did it my self slow and steadily in Paint on my computer

I got busy and slowed down till gen 8 while looking for gen 8 sprites I found this page

I followed links to a whole spreadsheet of all the pixel art I have been doing

So I'm tossed with anger and regret due to all the time I spent doing the pixel art beings it is all somewhere and not difficult to achieve the state of being I had them in

Hey, id love to use these and will def credit you, I am wondering how do I download them in 40x30 format?

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if you check the spreadsheet linked in the description, they have individual links for each. but as silverredhaired said, u need a program to change canvas size

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you've gotta use an art software to cut them out

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Mind if I use this for a game and have permission to change them to 40x40?

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yep go ahead! just remember to credit me and the others mentioned in the description

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Ah yes, the sprites here are made out of quality.

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@leparagon What's with the 1 that looks like a robot, an where's the 1 for Galarian Yamask cause all I see of the Yamask-Cofagrigus set, is the icon for Galarian Cofagrigus.

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