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Gen 8 Pokemon sprites

for backsprites, shinies, and proper credits, check out the Gen 8 Smogon Sprite Project

some sprites contributed by KingOfThe-X-Roads :iconkingofthe-x-roads:, French-Cyndaquil :iconfrench-cyndaquil:, PumpkinPastel :iconpompomking:, G.E.Z. :icongrand-emperor-z:, Crocovyle :iconblaquaza:, RadicalCharizard :iconradicalcharizard:, Wolfgang62 :iconwolfang62:, mjco :iconmjco:, TheAetherPlayer :icontheaetherplayer:, and Involuntary-Twitch :iconinvoluntary-twitch:
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Is it just me or these sprites look better than the 3d models. Its probably just me because I think sprites look more appealing than 3d.

KingOfThe-X-Roads's avatar

not just you at all!

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Can I sponser again or whatever? I'll leave credit and link, thanks!

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Are you going to be doing all the gens? These are so good!
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so far all of the gens are pretty much done now :)

EmilyWraggeArt's avatar
Really? I can’t find anything under gen 6. Are they posted somewhere else?
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everything's in my gallery, u can just check the folders and subfolders there

Hey, can I use your sprites for a project, please?

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yeah np just make sure to credit properly. you can either credit the individual artists in the spreadsheet or just credit the entire project

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45% of the sprites are Alcremies
leparagon's avatar

i actually started hating alcremie after i finished doing the sprites

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I have made front sprites for the two horses so may I be a part of the project.

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thats not how this works

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You forgot to fill in the other eye of Blipbug

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oh i didnt notice that. King made it but i forgot to check it. thanks

is there a way i can download the full folder of these? i don’t really see a way unless i download them all one by one :/
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i only plan on making a compiled folder for these once i finish the backsprites and the gmax

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So is the Journeys Cap Pikachu going to be put in here when it gets made or is it going elsewhere?

leparagon's avatar

oh right, forgot about pikachu. i'll probably just put it in the pikachu forms compilation thing

Pikafan2000's avatar
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It’s finally complete!! 🥰👍🏻

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it's been complete for a few months now haha. just need to finish the backsprites and gmaxes now

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I made a Gen 4 rework of Urshifu Rapid Strike Style, how's it look?

Urshifu Rapid Strike Style Gen 4
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