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Gen 6 Pokemon sprites (WIP)

for backsprites and shinies of Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde 50%, check out Gen 6 Smogon Sprite Project

most sprites originally contributed by GeoIsEvil :icongeoisevil:, aXl :iconfalgaia:, N-Kin :iconn-kin:, Kyleo, princessofmusic, Layell, Quanyails :iconquanyails:, Wobblebuns, RedRooster,  wyverii, Legitimate Username, Basic Vanillite, Larryturbo, TheCynicalPoet :iconthecynicalpoet:, Arkeis :iconarkeis-pokemon:, paintseagull, Siiilver, branflakes, Noscium :iconnoscium:, Zermonious :iconzermonious:, Sleet, TrainerSplash :icontrainersplash:, MrDollSteak, G.E.Z. :icongrand-emperor-z:
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Is it alright if I use the Sprites from Gen 6, 7 and 8 to make Melanism versions of the Pokemon?

[Edit: Melanism is the Opposite of Albinism]

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go ahead, just make sure to credit the smogon sprite projects

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Thank you very much!

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Wait a minute where's the Eternal flower Floette?

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oh dang i forgot to put that one in

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is it okay if i use the doublade line sprites for a type of variant i am making. dont worry proper credit will be given. also hi thanks for join the psb server i am from there :)

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