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Gen 1 beta sprites

sprites are from scratch except for what's listed below. click on the names to see the original reference
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I've always liked Papyou, the smog-spouting bug with antenna eyes.

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It would be interesting if this yeti like Pokemon was a counterpart to Jynx, this Pokemon should be in the next generation and also add a pre-evolution for him as well.

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yeah im hoping gen9 uses some of the beta pokemon. let's see what happens

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They really really REALLY wanted to get an abominable snowman Pokemon in the game since that guy in the bottom left corner looks like the final evolution of those little shadowy werewolf type betas from Gen 2

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I really like the "Poliking", its so cute hahahah
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I also love "Literally Just a Balloon"
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gamefreak has a problem with shoving googly eyes onto random objects

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Is the last one Rapidash or Arcanine?
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aracnine. it was based on a qilin and was named wing/ windie and had hooves, and the beta sprite made it look a bit thinner so i sprited it this way. since over the generations, the prominent features got a bit more exaggerated as pokemon developed their style more

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That beta Zubat should've been re-purposed as its baby form
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are these usable? if not, that's fine
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i love the betta poliwhrath?

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Who are the first two?

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theyre the ones I saw on bulbapedia before. I think theyre from the original capsule monsters ideas

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Imagine the yeti/Ice yokai becoming a regional male evolution for Smoochum! :heart:
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The Friendly Yeti Pokemon
Ice-Fighting Type

The Balloon Pokemon
Normal-Flying type
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So much cuteness. I love them all. 
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more to come! hehe
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Wow, you managed to make cool designs out of those two sketches. I especially love the Papyo one.
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thanks bud! :grin: 
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aww I love that zubat and poliwrath(toed?), and that arcanine looks dope
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