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Armoured Mewtwo sprite

old armour from Mewtwo Strikes Back, and new armour Mewtwo Strikes Back - Evolution
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Did you make them from scratch or edit the armour onto an official sprite? If you edited it, did you take the armour from other sprites or make it from scratch? They look great btw
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I made armour parts from scratch and edited them onto the official mewtwo sprite since I wanted the porportions to seem like they could fit in the gen5 games. and thanks!      
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I think the new armor is alright though I prefer the old design. There's just too much going on with the new design :T But honestly, you did a good job with both
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thanks! and yeah, the new one's cool in its own right, but i generally prefer sleeker and simpler designs too
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omg!this is just so 666! do you have planing making GBA backsprite?
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yes but only for the old armour, it's for someone's game. I wont make a gba backsprite for the new armour
Except sprites on pokecommunity, are there any sprires you make for gba games ? And i want to ask if it's public?
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only pokecommunity so far. tho i made some gba sprites for games like medabots and digimon, but they were only for fun and i deleted them long ago

but what other gba games did u have in mind?
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Good work. I personally much prefer the original as the new one seems overly designed. When I saw it revealed I was really underwhelmed. The original is nice and sleek.
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the new one's cool in its own right, but i like the first one better too. i really dislike overly designed stuff with too much detail crammed in
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Yeah, I agree. Sometimes simplicity is best.
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looks amazing :3
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Wooo! They are A W E S O M E!
The new armour has a strange design itself, it is normal that you encountered difficulties.
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thanks! and thank you for understanding :happy: 
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