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'Geisha' shoot.

"Geisha' shoot.
copyright:jamesrudland 2012
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She's very beautiful!!  I LOVE HER TATTOOS! are they real?

Tattoos in Japan are associated with criminals and undesirables so a geisha would never sport one when based on accuracy! I always cringe a bit when someone gets an attractive Asian woman and calls her a geisha simply because she's Asian and they make her scantily clad for no reason.
She looks more like a prostitute owned by the Yakuza because of her tattoos rather than a formal etiquette driven geisha.
Red-Wine80's avatar
Absolutely love the ink work! :jawdrop:
kkkrypto's avatar
Awesome!) Goddess
Nunzepth's avatar
 She reminds me of my wife, but truly an lovely photo...Ohm... Ohm... Headbang! Ohm... Ohm... I love deviantART! 
mrswhitetrash's avatar
omg you are beautifull
xxxx sandra 
Mr-b3h3m0th's avatar
the woman that I would! great artist, great picture!
morningstarskid's avatar
WOW......... speechless
will you merry me ? I love u so much :)
mobiggun's avatar
Wow! Very beautiful!
Sambre2008's avatar
Just incredible. The tatoo is really amazing ! : )
A nice picture.
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Yeah nice picture you are very beautiful.
dazed885's avatar
Beautiful pose,lighting everything came out sick
Lepa-Dinis's avatar
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qwertymite's avatar
looking greattttttt LEPA
chavda43's avatar
Fantastic tattoo, emphasised by the warm lighting and the Japanese style make-up adds character to her pose
Lepa-Dinis's avatar
Wow!!! that is super hot!!
VK27's avatar
Wow just wow... I love this shoot!
Lepa-Dinis's avatar
you're usual :)
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