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Jan 15, 2012, 5:17:53 PM
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Rain washed the blood away in lazy meandering rivulets belying the frantic feverish battle of seconds before. They would never call her 'girl' again. With Chun Fi's guards dealt the Mistress of Swords closed on Master Fi despite her near exhaustion. There was time to kill one more.

Very dramatic, inspiring series.
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Beautiful words :)
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I was wandering through deviantart because I needed character to come to the rescue of the main character in my story. I saw your series and though of Mistress of Swords although I am thinking about changing her to Mistress of Vengeance. Her body art is magical preforming as both armor and guards. It was conjured from the souls of those she killed. I have to give her a robe to wear most of the time as I just could not draw full body art in each frame. Depending on the type of battle she is going to fight a shield may appear to protect her chest, but only if she does not need to use both hands. Her lover was killed by an unknown group. She dispatched the actual killers, but they wouldn't give up the name of their master so she is searching. Her face, chest and inner thighs are unprotected because the spirit of her lover still comes to her and she wants to be open to the occasional tryst. I'm still working out details. Thank you for posting your work.
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You are welcome.
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I have a modest collection of swords! & a modest collection of tats! I am suitably impressed by yours... WOW!!!!!
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Very dramatic and powerful. I really like this series.
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thank you so much :)
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excellent shot
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for some weird reason i'd like to see you in a battle with conan...but i'm not sure why, lol
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I was thinking the same thing with this pic! strange huh..?d(⌒ー⌒)!
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lol, if a sequel to conan happens you should really consider auditioning.

rock on
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Amazing shot beautiful and dramatic :)
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Very creative! I love the feel of power and control in is image! It is a very beautiful shot! :)
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Thank you! d(⌒ー⌒)!
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