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Vitali Iakovlev Inking Brushes

I am sharing my inking brushes, which I describe in "The Art of Comic Book Inking". You may use these brushes for free, for any purpose, including commercial work. Mentioning me as the author will be appreciated. Feel free to send me a note with any questions or suggestions, or drop me an email at

Important: My brushes require a stylus with rotation sensitivity. I use Wacom Art Pen.

Feathering brush - My main inking brush. Capable of creating both tapered and flat-ended strokes. I use it for holding lines, feathering and cross-hatching.

Build-up Dynamic Inker - My favorite brush for gradually building-up holding lines. The size of the grain changes dynamically with the size of the brush.

Standard Calligraphic, Parabola and Triangles - They are useful for creating flat-ended strokes and sharp corners.

These are my main inking brushes. I hope you will find among them something for your needs. There are a lot of excellent special effects brushes among Kyle's brushes, which you can download for free if you are an Adobe subscriber.
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thanks for sharing this =)

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Thank you very much!

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You are welcome!

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