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Cutie Honey

Here's my attempt at making a finished character illustration. Inspired by Mr. Sorayama's Cutie Honey. My process needs a lot of work, this drawing took me way too much time to finish. 
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Well, may have taken you too long to finish, but it sure ain't long enough to look at!
Very nice touch and finish.
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Great work..Love this Character. Colour choice is great as well. Keep up the great work
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wow... instant favourite.  time well spent i'd say.  You should be getting serious coin for this standard of artwork.
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Thank you! You are very kind. 
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This freaking thing by Sorayama is awesome! ^_^
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This piece was inspired by Sorayama, but it isn't a copy of one of his works. 
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I see but this is one of the most famous poses of Cutey Honey. I remember this from Cutie Honey 90's and funny enough,you can google it and find it on manga sites. It's complete. Dunno why it was hated at the time. I think it's pretty good and we DID see a resolution to Panther Zora ONCE AND FOR ALL!! 

This was definitely the definitive end to Honey's adventures in her original roots until a new sequel called 'Legend of the Angel' comes around. Shin Cutey Honey was supposed to end sadly with Honey...but since ep. 8 ended the whole 12 episode thing prematurely...we'll never know the end. :( Also,I hate the supporting cast in Shin tbh.
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The metallic work is amazing! :)
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This is incredible. Excellent job!
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Thank you, Ivanna!
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Rendering of the suite is absolutely amazing! Very well done
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Very nice work dude, Bravo! Time well spent.
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It may have taken you a long time.... but the result is simply beautiful. Another outstanding piece to add to your collection
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Worth the time. Love the "textures" in her outfit. Gorgeous! 
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wow that's awesome my guy
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