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UEN Officers' Uniforms



These are the uniforms worn by officers in the United Earth Navy. See ratings' uniforms here: [link]

There are four numbered uniforms, 1 to 4, plus fatigues.

Number Ones - Ceremonial Dress - Worn with or without the officer's mantle, for formal ceremonial occasions.
Number Twos - Mess Dress - Worn for formal dinners, parties, functions and mess occasions.
Number Threes - Duty Uniform - Worn by officers on duty under normal circumstances; always worn by senior officers on duty.
Number Fours - Work Uniform - Worn by officers on duty for extended periods or performing hard/specialist work with other gear eg. coveralls, medical coats.
Fatigues - Worn by officers off-duty.

There are four 'classes' of officer uniform, issued according to the officer's role and rank.
Admiralty Uniforms (left-most) are issued to officers holding flag rank.
Flag Command Uniforms (second from left) are issued to officers of flag rank that command their own flagship; these are by far the least-common officer uniforms.
Command Uniforms (second from right) are issued to officers in command of their own ship.
Line/Staff Uniforms (right-most) are issued to all other officers; these are by far the most common officer uniforms. The example shown is a Tactical Officer

Update 04/03/2013: Cleaned up some of the lines and uniform roles. Altered the colour of the line/staff officers' shirt to tan, as the black-on-charcoal combo was getting to me. Also added assignment patches (right shoulder) and department patches for the line/staff officers (left shoulder).
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Would it be ok if my sifi naval group used these uniforms and there respective ranks for this purpose. We will give credit were due. Sorry if my English is not good, it’s not my first language and I’m still trying to get the hang of it.