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As some of you know, I'm working on a PhD thesis at the moment - hence my relative lack of activity lately.

On Friday, I submitted my first draft; after five years, the thesis is coming to an end.  I'm not there just yet, but I'm already thinking about what's ahead.

One certainty is that I'm going to plough a lot more time and effort into getting my sci-fi project off the ground.  The first two novels have been coming along very well prior to being paused for me to finish the thesis.  Now that's going to be increasingly out of the way, I'm hoping to get them finished before too long.  And then... we'll see.  I have other projects lined up for the sci-fi which I'm looking forward to pursuing as well.  One of these is an episodic serial.

What's clear to me is that this sci-fi project is going to be... rather large.  The setting has turned out to be much bigger than I anticipated when I started work on it.  It's going to take time to explore properly.  And if nothing else, it's going to need a name.

So as of right now, it's the Diaspora Series.

I'm looking forward to seeing what people make of it. :)
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Sci-Fi: Best Served Cold
What defines a ship?  The crew can be killed or disbanded; the cortex can be wiped, replaced or reinstantiated; the hull can be rebuilt and renamed; the Registry can be altered and updated; the hull print can be reprogrammed or repainted to show entirely different colours.

CNS City of Ulysses was constructed as a City of Armitage-class heavy cruiser for the Procyon Confederation Navy shortly after the outbreak of the Second Inter-Solar War.  Armed with powerful second-generation cyclonic accelerators, she was one of the heaviest cruiser-type ships built at the time, and once deployed, sailed into heavy action in the Alliance fleet in Capella and Midway Systems.  Serving with distinction throughout the War, she was drawn down and retired from the Confederation Navy in 413 following the signing of the False Armistice.  In 415 ADH, as part of the stipulations of the Salerno Accords, she was mustered out of naval service entirely.  Her kinetic broadside was removed, and the hull was tendered for civilian sale.  The hulk was bought following a winning bid by the Durandel System Trust, the union government of the blizzard of terrarium colonies of Durandel, which rebuilt her as a hospital ship.

ISV Spirit of Zhu Shilang was commissioned and used as a mobile base for administration as much as she was formally a hospital ship bearing the Star of Life in her hull print.  Travelling regular circuits through the Durandelene terrarium colonies, she helped them rebuild and recover from the devastation of the Second Inter-Solar War, making periodic loops out-system to Midway, Nicora and Sendai to transfer patients, passengers and goods.  When the Second Inter-Solar War restarted in 418 with the launch of the Armward Federation's Revanchist Fleet and the titanic battles of Autumn and Van Maanen's Star, Spirit of Zhu Shilang took in refugees from neighbouring systems, her captains unafraid to flaunt the Star of Life and dare hostile Allied or ArmFed commanders to challenge her.  The Seven Years' Peace which followed the war's definitive end saw her role only grow as Durandel System swelled its population.

All this changed in 432 ADH.  The Seven Suns Crisis led to the formation of a new superpower Armward of Durandel - the Union of Aligned Worlds filled the vacuum left by ArmFed.  Determined to prevent renewed conflict, the Alliance and this new Alignment signed the Treaty of Dawn's Reach, commonly known as the Virgin Systems Treaty.  This stipulated that the minor systems of the Armward Fringe, including Durandel, be declared a neutral buffer zone between the two superpowers.  The moving of a few-score terraria to permanently-habitable systems would be a minor price to pay for Diasporal peace.  Spirit of Zhu Shilang was enlisted to help the Durandelene Exodus: half the terraria were to be moved to Nicora System; the other half to Midway.  The exodus took years of painstaking low-gravity thrust to maneouvre the colonies into the Nicora and Midway jump points; the Spirit joined the Midway fleet.

It was a disaster.  The mass of a dozen terraria caused a radiation flash orders of magnitude greater than a normal helical jump.  Strokes, heart attacks, migraines, implant burnout and worse affected thousands.  Many ships cortexes were wiped by the blast.  And despite promises of help and integration, the Virgin Systems settlers from every system, not just Durandel, swiftly became second-class citizens in their new homes.  Spirit of Zhu Shilang's penultimate captain could do little more than watch over the course of months as bonds between the separated colonies broke down, conditions worsened, and compensation for the forced Exodus never arrived.  In 440 ADH, Midway System joined the United Earth Alliance, the Allied Guard put down a grain riot on three Durandelene terraria and, running the blockade, Spirit of Zhu Shilang jumped from Midway to Miramar and fled into the lawless, depopulated Fringe.  She was never seen again.

Rumours began to circulate some months later of a pirate ship operating across the Armward Fringe avenging injustices against the scattered Virgin Systems settlers in their new home systems from Menkalinan to Sheratan.  In seedy bars at Morrigan's Wake, the last of the old free ports, freelancers and privateers began talking of the old Spirit's first officer again, long after he and the Spirit had vanished in the direction of the Alulan Traverse and the shady borders of the CPPR.  Nothing has ever been proven - what footage exists has never been acknowledged by the Great Powers, and where it is admitted, naval officers insist that the name is used by many pirate ships as a badge of honour, rather than a single ship with a singular purpose.  Most military sailors dismiss her as a legend; those who think otherwise hold their tongues.  And in Midway and Nicora, in the terrarium colonies that used to be in Durandel, all the children know the name of the starship Zhu's Revenge.


As ever, the starfield background is by the great :iconsmattila: - everything else is mine.
The Battle of Menkalinan
No, I'm not dead, and nor is the Diaspora Series!  A variant on the system charts this time: a plot of the Battle of Menkalinan, one of the most decisive battles in the history of humanity in the Diaspora Series.  As with the other system charts, the background is by :iconsmattila: - everything else is by me.

Thirteen years into the chaos of the First Inter-Solar War, the tide had begun to turn against the United Earth Alliance.  Beset on two sides by the dispersed bulk of the united colonies of the Inter-Solar Treaty, the Alliance risked isolation of its offensive forces in the Seven Suns, allowing Treaty fleets unimpeded access to the jump nexuses at Capella and Pollux, and thereby a potential route into the Old Core itself.  A counteroffensive in late 356, led by Consortium and Procyonese forces saw limited success, and allowed the Alliance to capture and hold both Styx and Amritsar for the first time.

Worthless on their own, Styx and Amritsar together proved the beginning of the end, both for the War, and for the Treaty.  The lynchpin of the entire Treaty, the jump nexus at Menkalinan linked the two great lobes of the Treaty - one to Armward around Aldebaran and Algol, and one to Windward around Tegmeni System - and allowed swift travel between the Inter-Solar capital at Van Arnhemsterre and its rich colonial allies in the former Indo-American sphere in the Algolid.  Any assault on Menkalinan from any one system would be doomed to fail, but a multi-pronged attack could enable Allied forces to divert and divide the defending fleets and hold the colonial swarms of the Inner System long enough to force InterSol forces to terms.

On the Eighth of February, 357 ADH, two thirds of the Alliance Grand Fleet jumped from Styx into Menkalinan, led by the spacecraft carriers ENS Ocean, CCS Jeanne d'Arc, GLS Tian Shan and CNS Jefferson.  Grand Fleet quickly accelerated on a longbow course towards the inner system in an attempt to draw out Task Force 13 from its defensive position around Naval Base Ctesiphon at Menkalinan III.  They succeeded.  Once the InterSol forces were committed to a hard burn, Grand Fleet shattered into its constituent Strike Groups and cruiser squadrons.  With no choice but to engage at long range, Task Force 13 broke its acceleration and beat sunward again, detatching a Battle Group in force led by the carrier INS Hammurabi to screen the retreat.

Shortly after Task Force 13 broke its acceleration, at the height of its distance from Menkalinan III, the Allied Windward Fleet jumped in from Amritsar, led by the spacecraft carriers EAS Everest, LFS Armstrong, CCS Shinano and EAS Viraat.  Windward Fleet accelerated hard for Menkalinan III, bypassing Menkalinan II entirely and entering the gas giant system while its defending Task Force 13 was still committed outsystem.  Not to be outdone, Task Force 57 departed Menkalinan II in an attempt to reinforce either TF13 or Naval Base Ctesiphon.  Reinforcements from Van Arnhemsterre arrived in the form of the entire ISTN Third Fleet, led by INS Sennacherib, INS Helensburg, and INS Sargon.

Third Fleet crossed Menkalinan III's orbital limit in time to see the last warheads detonate over Naval Base Ctesiphon, and sailed into a series of kinetic traps left by Windward Fleet as they secured the Granger terraria of Menkalinan III, only to be set upon by the defending carrier groups and cruiser squadrons.  Once the capital at Camelot was securely under Allied control, Windward Fleet detached a Strike Group in force led by EAS Viraat to head off the return of Task Force 13; seeing this, TF57 increased its acceleration to join this battle in an attempt to crush Viraat and retake Menkalinan III.  While they technically succeeded in this effort, Viraat going up with all hands under continuous assault, the remaining ISTN forces expended almost all of their ammunition in the attempt, leaving them functionally defenceless.  The remaining stragglers of TF13 with full magazines detached into the outer system, only to be ambushed by CCS Arc-en-Ciel and her Strike Group, having previously detached from Grand Fleet along with CCS Royal Oak.

With the final substantial mobile elements defeated by Arc-en-Ciel, the remaining ISTN defences around Menkalinan II were fought to a surrender by Strike Group Potemkin, another of Grand Fleet's detached Strike Groups formed around AUS Potemkin.  The InterSol commanders unfurled their radiators on the 23rd of February, marking the end of the largest spaceborne battle in history, and the one involving the most vessels since the Battle over Hawaii at the start of the Jovian War two and a half centuries previously.  With the Inter-Solar Treaty cut in two, Allied forces were quick to entrench, fortifying supply lines in both Styx and Amritsar, and allowing the mobile forces of the Alliance to defeat the isolated halves of the Treaty on their own terms over the remaining four years of the war, culminating in the fall of Van Arnhemsterre in 361 ADH.


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United Kingdom
I'm a young novelist living in the south of Britain, not too far from London. I write fantasy and sci-fi, and who knows, I may even put the occasional extract or image up on here. :) I also think a lot of people on DeviantArt do fantastic work; you guys rock!

I've been writing my fantasy since 2001 and my sci-fi since 2002.

Current Residence: Reading, United Kingdom
Favourite genre of music: Classical, Soundtracks, Symphonic Metal
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Favourite cartoon character: Danger Mouse


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