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классная работа очень круто !
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these ads are perfect. really excellent work.
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Nice work, it's a shame the upload is so small though...
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WOW the earth IS flat!
Excellent work!
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why does it take so many people to create one still? anyway it is brilliant, however I think some of the impact is taken away by the fact that some many people 'needed' to work on it. I hope my point makes sense.
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Reminds me of Africa. Very well done.
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Love this, but really need to see a much bigger version uploaded...
wow to true, how sad. very well made.
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i like the idea
FisHPastE89's avatar
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The detail is amazing. I would love to see it larger. :)
DesignG's avatar's great
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Love how your style is unique, and you work on such minute details it's amazing :+fav:
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Both the concept and execution came out spot-on!
Your idea of how suffering keeps going in circles and always comes around is beautifully done.
Wonderful as always!
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did u really take this...?????
This is brilliant!! Congratulations!
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amazing work man! congratz
Pingouinnobix's avatar
There is a mystery around this ad because snickers did aproximatly the same, at the same time... but it's great though...
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