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Quite often during browsing the internet (looking at some new pics on DA for example) there is one great feeling that is killing my brain. I envy a bit too much.
So. Personally I would name the internet like this - 'Reasons for you to die of envy'.
This nice collections of amazingness of all the possible types is laughing at you saying smth like OH LOOK AT YOU, YOU ARE 21 YEARS OLD GUY WHO IS NOTHING, who has nothing, who reached nothing, now envy, you stupid useless jealous boy. 
A good source of motivation btw.
And also a way to feel yourself like quite an ungrateful person who doesn't value all the things that he has. Ummm..
Спасибо за внимание)
Uh, 30 watchers, finally. Well, this amount is so small comparing to successful artists but hey, it's super a lot more than 0 watchers Meow :3  And 30 times more than having just a one watcher and... Well, I am really proud to have your attention, guys!
So.. let me tell you all a bit about myself.
I study drawing for quite a long time.
My dad is a cool traditional artist ( )  and mainly because of his influence I was involved into all this art stuff. I started attending the art school (as evening additional education) at the age of... umm... I have to count, wait.
At the age of 11-12 I guess :0  So! ummm.... I finished it at the age of 14-15 and at the age of 17, right after finishing my main (not art) school (that was quite a good school btw) I joined the univ. Moscow's Surikov's University (I dunno how to name it in a right way in English) and at that time it was a part of Russian Academy of art. Hm. This univ is considered to be quite cool for russian traditional artists and right now it's already my 4th year of studying there being at the age of 20.

But! I can't say that I am in love with this univ. In fact I wouldn't attend it.. But it seems that I just want to have a document that confirms that I have official professional art education. I don't think that this univ can really teach me how to draw well. I am not saying that this university sucks but at least it's tastes in art are different with mine.  ( I hope this sounds understandable enough)

What's more, the main guilt is mine. I was always a super extremely lazy person and I've never drew that much as I could. That's why my progress for so many years is not that huge as it could be! But everything changed during the last summer. Following the advice of my friend Ivan I discovered Deviantart and fell in love with digital art. Since I first created something satisfying in Photoshop I finally started feeling myself as a real artist cause I started drawing like super a lot. Since that moment I draw for a list of hours almost every day and I think that I can feel my progress.
Looking at pictures of cool artists I found here, I started to look in a realistic way on my own level of skills and I admit that I have to grow a lot in all the possible ways but the main thing is that I know - finally I am on the right way, I really love what I am doing and I am extremely positive in my plans for future. For example.. right now I am so happy to have these 30 watchers.. But I really hope that few years later I'll finally be noticed by hundreds and thousands of people.

Also I wanna add that I realized that a great part of my love to digital art is connected to the fact that I learn it all by myself. Self education is a lot more interesting for me than being teached by someone.. I guess it means that I am quite a stubborn person who doesn't like to be controlled by anyone.

Thank you all for the feedback, for your support, for your faves, comments and page views. Extremely thankful to my dear watchers. Good luck to all of you guys and good luck to me! :)
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There is no enemy worse for a human than other humans. Other people are so close to us every day. Almost impossible to realize that some of them can slowly behead you if one day something goes wrong in the world around you.
I hate this feeling - when you understand how cruel and ruthless this life is.
I heard quite a lot about this place :O Finally decided to create an account... and to start browsing for cool works. Who knows, may be one day my stupid account will become a bit popular too. And for now... I have to gain tons of esperience. I have to draw a lot... and so on. Eh. X) Good luck to Leo.