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Christopher Daniel Gay. Little Houdini. by LeoV95 Christopher Daniel Gay. Little Houdini. by LeoV95
He is an American habitual car thief and repeat escapee from custody. 

In 2007, he escaped to visit his dying mother in Tennessee and while on the run from police he managed steal the tour bus of country music singer Crystal Gayle (who Gay's mother happened to be a fan of) and traveled to Daytona International Speedway (where he tried to pass himself off as a member of Tony Stewart's race team). He was apprehended by police after asking for directions from a prostitute who turned out to be part of a police sting (the bus was returned to Crystal Gayle undamaged). Twelve days following Gay's capture, Gay's mother died on Feb. 7, 2007 of cancer. Gay was not allowed to attend her funeral. 

Gay's story is the subject of the song "Little Houdini" by rapper Sage Francis. The song includes details of his multiple escapes and tries to humanize his motives. It also mentions how Christopher escaped from the prison the first time, when after visiting his dying father, he returned himself back to the police.

It was right that song of Sage Francis that made me know about that story and inspired to draw Christopher.
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