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Vanished Civilizations

By leothefox
"Wonder what those funny looking rocks are? Oh well, better point this pointy thing at something" :dummy:

jump rope Trying out a color scheme here at the suggestion of a friend Dummy Love I did this mostly at home and a teensy bit at work when I wasn't reading "The Batman Story: 25 Years of Paperback Publishing" and Manly Wade Wellman's "Who Fears the Devil?" as well as the previously mentioned "The Fold" by Peter Clines. make you shine This weeks MST3K episodes are "Quest of the Delta Knights" which has two David Warners and a Ren Faire and "Soultaker" which has Joe Estivez and Robert Z'Dar pursuing 30 year-old teenagers :dummyhero: 
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Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] Thank you much! Flowering Vine 
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You're welcome.
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Oh wow, these colors are soooo rad, buddy! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] 
I love ittttt!!! :squee: :squee: 
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Lily's Rainbow Box Thank you, buddy! La is puking Rainbows But there's stuff lurkin' in them trees! :rainbow: 
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It has an old comic book look and also evocative of a night scene.  Love your shapes also.
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Walkin' the Rock I'm so glad you like it, dear buddy! yay notes Hehe the shapes were my idea just like heaven 
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Colour scheme makes it look night-time'ish. Nice one, sir. :D
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onion head 'sleep' Thank you, buddy! Panda Emoji-09 (We're sleeping) [V1] 
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Love the blue!!!!The cyclamen is a super colour to add to it!!
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I'm Nuts for Your Sweetness Thank you, Tricia! :buzzyla: I think color is working for me lately (climbing out of the color comfort-zone a little) Prize for renekotte. 
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The differences in style and seemingly altered aspectratio of the little animals and skull are a bit distracting in my opinion, but i understand their placement of the overall colourcomposition. I absolutely love the colours and how the framing sticks out over or bleeds onto the page around it
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Scaredy Tard Oh dear, you can tell that I had to stretch the background? Hide in a Box
:rainbow: Thanks, buddy! Tears of Joy A friend of mine suggested the colors,
he said I otter try out more purples and things Rainbow Dummy Hehe the framing
was my idea Crazy Dancing 
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Happy Happy..Onion Thank you, buddy! onion head 'sleep' 
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Always, sweet buddy! 
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There's a glow in the middle that makes me think of this as a book cover someone is photographing with store lights beaming down.... interesting look I must say.  I dig your recent colour work though... it seems like you've gone a little more simplistic and muted at times, and it really makes your work pop in a different way.  Many kudos, dear Leo.
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Star Hunting Oooo that'd be a dream come true! Blue's Star. Hehe thank you so much, dear Sermon! Rainbow Striped Spinning Star
Lissyfee and Nenshali emotes Hehe my buddy suggested the color scheme to me a few days ago and then later I was
scrolling though old works and saw the spear-guy pictures I used to do, so this happened .:Happy star:.
:shooting-star: Simple can be fun, but you know me :dummy:
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This is great!! Really liking the depth of this!
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Reach for the stars ... Thank you, buddy friend! I love the earth + Earth Hour
:ninjastar: revamp Have a great day! :glompo: 
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You're very welcome!
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I'm really enjoying this latest series of figures of action and color against looming architectural backgrounds. These are great illustrations, now where's the book? Devilish

Looking forward to where you'll go next. Woohooooo! 
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:bookwalking: Let's see now... book... book... maybe if you just flip through the images here and do some voices with it? I Run...with BOOKS
Book In The Way Hehe thanks! I'm not sure what I'm doing next either Magic Book 
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