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October 31 2016

This is the 12th one of these! I am a dummy! Other Sketch-Dump stuff lives here:… Happy dance

Kinda a :paradummy:Remember that this is a low-res photo of the sketch! If you would like to see a hi-res scan, please let me know! jump rope

likepoints This one is also from an "Inktober" prompt, "Collect", which is why those face-face fellas have pins in butterfly guys :dummyhero:
avii request 8D This week on MST3K, me and Tae are watching Swamp Diamonds, an early Roger Corman exploiter with prison ladies in a swamp... looking for some diamonds, and Secret Agent Super Dragon, a Euro Bond-knockoff from the 60s with more than it's fair share of unintentional hilarity Snowy Generations
I wait for you This week I started the second "The Spider" book, "The Wheel of Death" by R.T.M. Scott, plus I'm still on that Lovecraft (that 400 pages should take me a while), and Vic Ghidalia's "Feast of Fear" invisible tard

Coming back XD Should I keep going on these Inktober prompts even though October is about to end? Dummeh 
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Very good.  Looks like an illustration for "Repent Harlequin"! Said The TickTockman.
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:dignity-laugh: Not so loud, Ellison might come back from the dead and sue me :juggle: revamp 
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I thought the old bastard was born dead.
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I am a dummy! Ah, so when he was born that gopher came with him. Package deal!
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What gopher?  Gopher Dancing   Pretend you are talking to a very slow, hungover, giant chainsmoking fat rabbit! [Emote] - Big Chungus 
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fat furry fox Okeh. One of Harlan Ellison's capers involved him abusing his
agent in an effort to keep those glossy Newport ads out of the peper-
-backs of his books. His agent wasn't making any headway, so Ellison
mailed him a dead gopher, slow boat, so it was real fetid by the time
the guy opened the package The Convo Died 
BillyDBunny's avatar
Those Newport ads really screwed up the National Lampoon and Heavy Metal.  I would not buy paperbacks with ad inserts.   Some of them used hidden images, I could not find the most annoying one.  They pushed sexuality, gay and straight, and without too much subtlety.  The idea of a crappy weak menthol cigarette being the real way to enjoy sport and the out of doors was incredibly vapid, and their ads were aimed at young adults.  It was obvious that those ads were all about getting off.…
"Fetid" describes most of Harlan's work, The Whimper of Whipped Dogs being particularly annoying.  A Boy and his Dog is about his best, and I could really go on about what a chamber of horrors that book is.  I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream still bothers me.  I guess everyone was desperate for copy.  Here's an idea for some artwork - Harlan and the Gopher.  Where did he get a gopher, never mind a dead one? Nasty little man!  Jake Emoticon XD ARDILLA Mischievous squirrel Spock and Kirk - Icon 
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Dignity Laugh She must need more music lessons, cuz she
just pulled a tromboner! :dignity-laugh: Those are hilarious! You
know I buy a lot of old paperbacks, so I have plenty
of the Newport ads on hand (plus some random
others, like for razors or insurance), although most
of the Newport ones I'm used to seeing are just
the ones of people in white playing tennis or yacht-
-ing Dignity laugh I didn't realize that the bulk of them were
ejaculate metaphors Wet and Angry Those ski ladies really need
to calm down! :eagerpee: Ellison could write, "A Boy and his
Dog" is pretty great, too bad he had that retarded
ego and the lust to sue people at every turn (although,
I will say, James Cameron should get sued more often,
you know he's good for it) Hat Flip 
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 I love the idea.
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:iconfurrydanceplz: Thank you, dear Mawgly!
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aaah inktober i lost it! was too late when im entered about this ill try the next one!
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:YMCA: We'll win everything next year! :heartemote: 
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Such a great piece! I can't stop staring at it Love 
leothefox's avatar
Dummy Love Oooo thank you thank you! Happy dance 
Styxcolor's avatar
I love the idea and the message(s). Exquisite expressions :heart:
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Bring forth thy happyface Thank you, Styx-buddy! Bunny Emoji-12 (Yay) [V1] Hehe I wanted to do some more emotive-faces since most of my fellas just look bored :yay: 
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Wow, so good, one of my favorites...
:pumpkin: revamp Happy Halloween ! :pumpkin 
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Ghost Icon Thank you very much, dear buddy! candy Happy Halloween to you too! *Free Icon/Emote* Halloween Pusheen 
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Love the drawings Leo!!!:iconbutterfliesplz:
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Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] Thank you so much, Tricia! :PeachBlossom: 
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Drawing is the purest form of art!!!Not all painters can draw:D....Lucky ones can do everything!!!::iconawesomeplz:
leothefox's avatar
:la: True. I looooove doing color though :happybounce:
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You can choose:D...:iconrainbowemoteplz:
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