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Bad Directions

By leothefox
Where the hell is he? :dummy:

just like heaven Draw at home after my first day back to work All hail king dummy
baby you can drive my car This week on MST3K it's "Devil Fish" and "The Screaming Skull" and now we're reading something called "The Fold".
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At the first glance, its use of colour reminding me of Dick Bruna's book design caught me.
And I like how you put these vermilion efficiently and rhythmically.
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:bathla: revised Thank you very much! :Pineapple la: Hehe I am sorta moving into children's book territory
with my colors these days sparkly la I'm so glad you like this :hypnola: 
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Oh, I love it, colors and composition !
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:FeelingFree: Thank you very much, dear buddy! :skittles glomp: 
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the composition is very good. nice.
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Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) Thank you very much!Llama Emoji-37 (Teehee) [V2] 
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Ready to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:Love the car!!!!
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baby you can drive my car You can't get there without a sweet old timey car! Driving. 
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House Thank you, dear buddy! Runaway Heart Hehe I liked doing all the little roofs :excited: rvmp 
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the little roofs are the best of the piece! i love it Heart 
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 La race Yay! Shiny La So glad you like it, dear buddy! :bestbuddies: 
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:Bummies: Thank youuuu!
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Kind of Dr. Seussian.  
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La love Thank you, buddy! :bathla: revised I was kinda trying to end up there Toilet Paper 
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I love the dominance of blue in the scenery.
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:atom: Thank you very much! Its a Bee 
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Simple and elegant, nice work, buddy.  I love and will always love the backgrounds like this that you use.... the cityscapes and pattern-like backgrounds are engaging to me. :clap:
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:happy bounce: I'm so glad you like them, dear Sermon, I have a lot of fun with them as well Love Chase Hehe I wanna do another big complicated one here at some point, though :fat'n'lazy: 
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Lazy Kat is lazy. Thank you a whole bunch Cute Frog Hug 
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somehow reminds me of my early childhood!
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Trampoline fun Ooo thank you! Bounce again Hehe I was kinda going for that vibe :cloud9: 
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