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Marvel Meltdown Rd. 2 :iconleoryff:leoryff 12 7
Mature content
Interrogation Expansion :iconleoryff:leoryff 9 2
Danganronpa MerMay AU
MerMay AUs 
"Why did she bring that?"
"We're supposed to be on a beach trip!"
"Piano freak."
Kaede sighed.  She was used to the jeers and teasing of her classmates but she'd brought her portable keyboard in the hopes of making some friends this trip.  Instead, here she was playing all by herself on a bench on a pier.  
She sighed again.  Not even playing here favorite Chaplin song was cheering her up.  Maybe she should just head back to the inn and-
"Um, excuse me?"
The voice had come out of nowhere.  Kaede looked up and down the dock, but no one was there.
"Down here."  The voice spoke again.  Kaede looked into the water.  Floating in the water was a boy her age.  She didn't recognize him from her school, so maybe he was a local?
"Sorry to interrupt-"  The boy continued in a sheepish tone.  "- but what instrument is that?"
Kaede blinked in surprise.  Was he trolling her?  His face seemed so earnest though.
:iconleoryff:leoryff 6 2
Mature content
Marvel Meltdown Rd 1 :iconleoryff:leoryff 16 3
Mature content
The Fanged Laughter Chronicles Prologue :iconleoryff:leoryff 6 3
Mature content
Data is Corrupt 3.0 :iconleoryff:leoryff 10 0
Omen on the North Wind
A strong wind blew through the valley from the mountain, bringing with it a fresh chill.  Several of the valley's inhabitants tightened their coats or pulled shirt collars up.  Most went indoors or ducked into cover to until the cold passed.  
Except for one.  
Resting in the branches of a tree tucked away from the road, caught completely unaware by the breeze, was a red headed girl.  The sudden chill shocked her awake, and she fell from her perch with a cry.  "Gah!"  She slammed into the ground with a heavy thud.  
A young man in a silver gi was startled from his nap by her crash landing.  He had been sleeping in the much more reasonable position at the base of the tree.  "You... okay there, Sun?"  He asked.  
The girl, Sun, stood up, brushing off her cloths and hair.  And her tail.  "Yeah, Silver, I'm good."  She stretched and flexed.  "Though if it was any
:iconleoryff:leoryff 5 4
Data is Corrupt 2.0
Kari Kamiya stretched out on the grassy knoll she'd discovered.  "Ah.... Summer vacation.  A boon for students and teachers alike!"  She chuckled.   Though she loved her teaching job, she'd also learned to enjoy the the down time she was given in her adult life.  
And, as a teacher, she'd learned that vacation was one of the best sources of down time available.  She and Gatomon had decided to spend some of that free time relaxing in the Digital World.  "I wonder when Gatomon is gonna get back with those fish?"  She mused aloud.  "I'm starting to get hungry.  Kari looked around.  Just the trees and bushes of File Island.  "I should have paid attention to which direction she went..."  
A rustling in the bushes made her stand up.  "About time, Gatomon!"  She dashed over to the foliage.  
And jumped back in shock as a giant wolf face poked back through.  
"WHOA!  You aren't Ga
:iconleoryff:leoryff 12 0
Mature content
Data is Corrupt :iconleoryff:leoryff 21 0
Showcasing a Hidden Skill!
"Whoa!  That one sounded really bad!"  Bonnie handed Serena a box of tissue.  "Are you going to be all right for the showcase tomorrow?"  
"Ah'v botta!"  Serena muttered from in her bed.  "Dis es the wast wun!"  Though she was buried under five of the Pokemon Center's blankets, she still couldn't shake the chill that was prevalent in her body.  
"I have no idea what you just said."  Bonnie admitted.   "But this is the last  showcase for a long while, isn't it?"  Serena just sighed and nodded.
A knock at the door preceded Ash and Clemont, returning with Nurse Joy's prescription of cold medicine and hot soup.  "You feeling any better, Serena?"  Ash asked, setting the food tray before the girl.  
"mmmmmggghhh..."  Was all Serena could bring herself to respond with.  
"That bad huh?"  Clemont placed his hand on Serena's head.  "Your fever is still so
:iconleoryff:leoryff 19 22
Hypnoman's Headline!
"Testing...  Testing...  Play that back for me?"  Plum watched as her automated camera unit processed for a moment before an image displayed on the screen.  
"Testing... Testing...  Play that back for me?"  The automated drone displayed her footage with perfect clarity.  
"Excellent!"  Plum set the drone back to Stand By and peeked out of her car at the warehouse.  The journalist Robot Master had received word that a criminal group was using this particular warehouse to move their goods.  Not only that, this group might have had a connection to the disappearances of several robots in the area.
The Editor in chief had sad to let this one go.  A scoop like this would be too dangerous for a group as big as Plum's.   They'd be caught too easily.  
So Plum had decided to go it alone.  What could possibly go wrong? 
Setting the camera drone to follow her quietly, Plum made her way toward the wareho
:iconleoryff:leoryff 9 1
Monkey Fight in Space Ch. 2
The Monkey Team had thought that their infiltration had gone rather well so far.  Little did they realize they had a watchful eye in them the entire time. 
Sparx and Gibson ran down the hallway.  Thankfully they didn't meet any more of the aliens, but the conduit they were following started to split into smaller tubes and lead into separate rooms along the hallway.  They quickly realized they probably weren't heading towards the engine.
"Ahhh, this can't be the right way!"  Sparx growled as the conduit split again.  "We should go back and help the others!"  He was about to turn around before Gibson grabbed his shoulder.
"This larger conduit must power something important."  Gibson pointed out.  "Perhaps even the weapons systems."  Sparx grumbled a noncommittal response.  "I know.  I'm worried about them too."  Gibson admitted.  "Come on, I think we found where a
:iconleoryff:leoryff 5 5
CH 12: Not Nearly Enough Variables
Doc Hanson clapped his hands and pointed to the vials of liquid before him.  All of it various colors and some of it smoking dramatically.  "Welcome to another episode of TFTV's hit show "The Debunker Bunker!"  Where we test all those silly science myths that plague the modern world!"  
The applause track played as Hanson picked up one of the vials.  "Today we're testing a myth we've all probably heard but have never really questioned:  Super Power Granting accidents!"  An animated clip played on the screen behind him, depicting a random person being dunked in a barrel of goo and then displaying super strength.  "Specifically we're focusing on the character 'Chem Trails', who in their origin story got their powers from an accident involving several chemicals found in a crime lab!"  
"Now you might be thinking, "but Doc!  Why pick Chem Trails and not this other hero that I know and love?"  Well that's a good question, and
:iconleoryff:leoryff 7 0
That word stirs me awake.  My swaying body and the sound of water brings me all the way back.  The arms of the soft blue chair kept me from falling over as I drifted the other direction.  Strange, I don't remember falling asleep here.  
I glance around the room.  Everything, from the walls and floor to the ceiling and curtains are all a deep blue.  Windows filtered in a blue light.  I can't see it, but I can hear the water lapping against the sides of the... boat?  Ship?  What was this place? 
"Welcome to the Velvet Room."  
Those words snap my attention back to the center of the room.  Sitting opposite of me was a man behind a massive table.  How did I not notice him before?  His balding head and long hooked nose, not to mention the fancy suit he was wearing, stood out against all the blue.  Behind him was someone in a blue suit and hat with blonde hair, but they were facing away.  I couldn't
:iconleoryff:leoryff 3 0
Top Ten Princess Zeldas Pt 2
Part 2! 
5.  Twilight Princess 
We go from the princesses that did almost too much to the one that didn't get a chance to really try.  Yes, sadly the TP Zelda was sidelined most of her game.  But what we did see of her was quite amazing.  I don't think any of the other Zeldas were quite as compassionate as she was.  Not only did she agree to be a prisoner of war in exchange for her people's safety, when a wounded Midna came to her she went above and beyond to help.  And while she disappears until the end, she's integral to Link's victory.
4.  Skyward Sword 
Aka, "just kiss already!"  Shipping jokes aside, Zelda from this game isn't a princess, but maybe that's part of why I like her so much.  Without any royal duties or expectations to hold her down, SS's Zelda is much more free spirited.  She's another one with an established friendship with Link, once again portrayed perfectly even with one of them barely talking. 
:iconleoryff:leoryff 2 3
Top Ten Princess Zeldas Pt 1
Zelda month is coming to a close, and since I haven't posted anything in a while (And might not for an even longer while) I figured 
why not post another top ten?  Specifically a top ten Zeldas from the Legend of Zelda.  And before you ask, yes it can get very confusing even if you're familiar with the series.  Only the Zelda from games I have played qualify.  This isn't a list of the best games, and being on the bottom doesn't mean the character is by any means bad.  It's just a list of my favorites.
So, let's get started.
Spoilers for all games mentioned!
10.  Link to the Past/Oracle games
I've never actually played Link to the Past, but the princess from that game is the same one from the Oracle of Seasons/Ages.  So it works out.  Anyway, I'll be the first to admit that Zelda doesn't do much in these games, but you can't doubt the concern she has for the people.  In LttP her first thoughts are of Hyrule, and in the Oracle games she e
:iconleoryff:leoryff 3 7


Lydia- Showtime! by NickSwift Lydia- Showtime! :iconnickswift:NickSwift 1,009 31 Mermaid Misty by MegaGundamMan Mermaid Misty :iconmegagundamman:MegaGundamMan 100 7 Summon the Kraken (Patreon Exclusive) by PixelJail
Mature content
Summon the Kraken (Patreon Exclusive) :iconpixeljail:PixelJail 100 6
4 Sailor Kairi and Tuxedo Sora cosplay by mattwilson83 4 Sailor Kairi and Tuxedo Sora cosplay :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 42 9
DBX: Alter Ego! Junko Enoshima Vs Porygon-Z

Silph Co... 
The Silph Company HQ was currently in a state of panic and chaos. From the outside, this could not be seen as the day seemed mostly normal. Inside, however, the building's alarm was on full volume which meant the HQ was under attack once more. As a result of this, all available staff ran to the main laboratory as quickly as possible as it was where the attack was supposedly taking place. As soon as they got to the room, however, the staff discovered that the building was not under invasion in the traditional way.
Every computer in the room was currently displaying pages of scrolling glitched text which was coloured black and white. Seeing this the chief of staff a woman named Sarah ran to one of the nearby computers and attempted to type in commands. After
:iconthescourgekirb:TheScourgeKirb 12 4
Letting her Listen - Neku and RG Shiki by chihano14 Letting her Listen - Neku and RG Shiki :iconchihano14:chihano14 127 88 Underwater smooch by AngryRichie Underwater smooch :iconangryrichie:AngryRichie 29 10 From Me to You, 6 years Ago. by Billiam-X From Me to You, 6 years Ago. :iconbilliam-x:Billiam-X 441 82 MMD: Pokemon Colosseum Rui v3 (DOWNLOAD) by PrincessSkyler MMD: Pokemon Colosseum Rui v3 (DOWNLOAD) :iconprincessskyler:PrincessSkyler 24 3 you make me smile by lau2504 you make me smile :iconlau2504:lau2504 48 7 4 Shinji And Kallen Water Park Date by mattwilson83 4 Shinji And Kallen Water Park Date :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 40 11 Ashley Hexafusion by SoraWolf7
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Mature content
Baby on Parade :icontheowlcan:TheOwlcan 234 6
Playtime by ChoiMinYeon Playtime :iconchoiminyeon:ChoiMinYeon 19 7


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Commission for an Anon.  

"What's with this outfit?"  The woman formerly known as Black Panther looked herself over.  Though "outfit" was a strong word.  The pure black bikini had fur trimming that somehow amplified her assets instead of covering them.  A pair of cat ears rested over back length black hair, and trying to remove them proved impossible.  Not just because she was wearing thick, mitten- like pawpad gloves (with matching slippers), the ears were attached to her head!  Finally there was the tail.  Attached just above her briefs was a moving cat tail.  And she could feel it too!

"Spider-Man!  What is this?"  T'Challa demanded again.

Spidey scratched his head sheepishly.  "Well, uh, one of coworkers got me into this new anime series."  He explained.  "The main character is a cat girl and I guess that sort of, well..."  He shrugged.  "And you're a cat too, so it just sort of clicked and-"

"You damn weaboo!"  T'Challa snapped, swatting at Spider-Man.  (With significantly less force than normal.)

In the stands the audience were all discussing what they had just witnessed.  

"So the Grandmaster really went through with it."  Loki, trickster of Asgard, stroked his chin in thought.  "Interesting."

"You mean juvenile."  Scoffed Doctor Doom, who had deigned to sit in the stands with the commoners.  "A king reduced to some petty servant woman."  He folded his arms in disdain.  "It makes me glad I was not chosen to take part in this farce."

Amora ignored Doom's woman comment and leaned forward in her chair.  "Gentlemen, I believe we are forgetting the important issues."  She pointed to the field where Spider-Man had made a web blanket so T'Challa could walk out of the arena with some dignity.  "Are these transformations permanent, and if so, how can they be made to better serve us?"

Loki and Doom did not answer, not did any of the others in their group.  But plans and back up plans were forming in their minds.  For the heroes and for each other.

The Grandmaster's voice rang out once again.  "A valiant battle between two warriors!"  He said, acting like the gender swap had been no big deal at all.  "Honor to the both of them!"  There was a light applause as the forest changed back to an empty stadium.

"Now for our next contestants!"  Doors on opposite sides of the arena opened.  From each door stepped a purple clad fighter.  One with a sword and one with a bow and quiver of arrows.

"Hawkeye vs Baron Zemo!"  A better applause this time.  No hero vs hero issues this time.

Natasha Romanov nudged the other woman next to her.  "We ARE rooting for Clint this time, right?"  

"The Black Widow, telling a joke?"  Wanda laughed.  "Much as I'd like to see him down a peg, this seems too important not to."  She tilted her head in thought.  "Besides, we already had a female Hawkeye."

Natasha nodded in acknowledgement and turned her attention back to the fighters.

Hawkeye had been given the limit of one bow and 15 arrows, in order to avoid him simply overwhelming his foes with long distance attacks.  But his opponent, Zemo, had been given no such limitation.  The sword at his hip was the most obvious weapon, but there was no telling what else was hidden among the purple, Kevlar lined suit the baron wore.

The arena changed again.  Instead of a forest grove it turned into a street of buildings, ranging from one to five stories tall.  A single narrow road ran between the the buildings, broken only by the occasional alleyway.

"Fighters ready?"  

Hawkeye notched an arrow as Zemo drew his blade.

"Ready to bow to your superior, peasant?"  Zemo taunted.

"If you ever find him, let me know."  Clint retorted.

"Battle begin!"

Hawkeye raised his bow and launched an arrow.  Zemo knocked it out of the air with his sword and dashed toward the archer.  

"Money on Zemo."  Scott Lang ate from a bowl of popcorn he had smuggled in.  Hank Pym raised an eyebrow at him.


Scott shrugged.  "If Hawkeye wins, good for him."  He took another bite of popcorn.  "If he loses then at least I get something out of it."

Hank thought about that for a moment then nodded.  "I'll take that bet."  He took a bite of the kernel next to him.

Scott scoffed.  "Your money dude."  He leaned back against the oversized kernel of corn as the two ant sized men watched from their spot on the railing.

Back in the arena, Zemo had blocked another arrow and dodged a third and was quickly gaining ground on Hawkeye.  Clint aimed his next arrow at the street between them.  A cloud of smoke billowed out from the arrow, engulfing the area in a black cloud.

Zemo ducked into an alley, expecting an arrow to come at him.  But none came.  As the smoke faded, Hawkeye had disappeared.  Drawing a pistol from within his coat, the Baron cautiously took a few steps out to the street.

Suddenly an arrow thudded into the ground behind him.  Followed by another in front as he shot his eyes upward.  

Zemo could barely make out Hawkeye.  The archer was on top of a building, standing in the sun.  The light almost blinded Zemo as a third arrow hit the ground to his side.  

"Your aim is getting poorer!"  Zemo raised his gun to take a few shots.  Hawkeye fired one last arrow before ducking into cover.  Zemo fired at him while the shaft slammed into the ground.

And then all he felt was electricity.

The four arrows surrounding him like compass directions were arcing energy, jumping from their tails and into Zemo's body.  It felt like taking a taser, but from every direction at once.  After a few agonizing seconds, the sparks stopped.  Zemo dropped his weapons as he collapsed to the floor.

"The winner is Hawkeye!"

This was met with an actual applause.  (Zemo being a villain and all.)  Clint dropped to the ground and raised his bow in victory.  

Sitting in his popcorn bowl, Scott silently handed a smirking Hank his payout.  

A groan from behind him made Hawkeye turn.  Zemo was rising from the ground.  But instead of a uniformed Baron, there stood a French Maid.  

A black dress with frills and a miniskirt.  ANd even more frilly apron over that, with white stockings over black shoes.  And of course a lacy hat on top of her blonde, curly head.  The only thing identifying the woman as Zemo was the purple domino mask over her eyes.  

"Who's gotta bow now?"  Clint asked in a mocking tone.  Zemo grit her teeth in anger and reached for her sword!  Only to discover that it had turned into a feather duster!  Her pistol into a squirt bottle.   Standing there, cleaning tools in hand, Zemo looked to all the world like a maid themed super hero.   

"...This is why I hate Americans...."   
Things could slow to a crawl.  It's out of my hands for the most part.  

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"Ladies, I must thank you for joining me here tonight!"  A woman in a dark blue pantsuit walked in front of a row of young women.  It would have felt very much like a class seminar or a teacher giving a sermon.  Except several of the girls were wearing colorful costumes.

And they were all tied down to their chairs.  (Also, one of the girls had a tiara like device strapped to her her red haired head.)  

"Who are you?"  One of the girls, this one clad in a red leotard and domino mask with black spots all over, demanded

"I'm so glad you asked, Ladybug!"  The woman chuckled.  "In fact I believe some introductions are in order.  You may call me Miss Joyous."  Joyous pointed to the red head at the end of the row.  "And here we have Jean Grey."  

Jean scowled at her.  "If I get this inhibitor off of my head, you can say goodbye to your language center."  She threatened.

Joyous ignored her and moved on to the next girl.  "Ladybug, also known as Marinette Dupain-Cheng."  

Marinette blinked in shock.  "How did-?  I mean, I have no idea what you're-"

Moving on to a girl in the loudest colored costume in the room.  "The young Ms Marvel, Kamala Kahn."

"I guess all super villains really do like to monologue."  Kamala muttered.

"And of course, one of the famous Sailor Scouts, Makoto Kino!"  Joyous pointed to the sailor fuku clad girl.

Makoto ignored the woman, instead opting to keep trying to keep trying to break her bindings.

Joyous continued her speech.  "Now I bet the four of you have many questions.  I can relate, honestly I can.  For I have many questions for you too."  She smiled coyly at the group.  "So why don't we make this simple?  Answer all of my questions and not only will I answer yours, I will set you free.  No muss, no fuss?"

"Like hell!"  Makoto snapped.  "You really think we'd cooperate after pulling a stunt like this?"  

"Agreed!"  Marinette added.  "Whatever info you're after, you can't be up to any good."
"A pity."  Joyous sighed.  "Then we'll just have to do this the hard way.  But then-"  She flashed a wicked smile.  "- I do so enjoy the hard way!  Guards?"  At her word a pair of uniformed men rolled in a machine.  It looked like an old fashioned school projector, but with a lot more machinery attached.  

"Hmm...  who shall we start with?"  Joyous pointed at her captives.  "Eeny meenie miney... you!"  She pointed the device at Ms Marvel and activated it.

Kamala braced herself as a beam shot from the machine a hit her dead on.  "WAAAAaaaiit a sec."  She blinked in confusion.  "I don't feel anything?"  The beam neither burned or hurt.  It was like a flashlight was hitting her.  Nothing seemed to happen, even when the machine stopped and the light faded.

The others stared at Kamala, trying to see if something was different.  "Listen lady, I don't know what you were expecting to happen, but nothing's happening."  

Joyous just kept smirking, muttering under her breath under her breath.   "3...  2...  1..."

"So why don't you GAH!"  Kamala gasped in surprise as her legs suddenly tingled, almost like lightning was shooting through them.  Suddenly her feet grew, expanding to almost three times their normal size!  If it weren't for her special shoes, they might have burst out of the fabirc.  One of her powers was the ability to stretch and grow, kind of like rubber.  But her powers had been suppressed (somehow) since she'd been captured, and even if they weren't, this expansion felt nothing like her normal growth.  Her feet felt heavy, like full water balloons.  She wasn't even sure she'd be able to walk like this.

"What's going on here?"  Kamala tried to flex her foot, but gasped as the sole rubbed against the inside of her shoe.  Her skin was suddenly super sensitive!  

Miss Joyous giggled with, well, joy at her reaction.  "This handy, or footsy, little toy makes interrogations so much more enjoyable."  She explained.  The woman took no small joy in slowly extracting Ms Marvel's feet from her shoes.  Kamala gasped and winced every time the fabric rubbed against her skin.

Kamala's bare feet looked cartoonishly huge.  She was blushing in embarrassment as the rest of girls could only stare.  "So glad you can get your foot fetish jollies from somewhere besides deviantArt."  She snarked, trying to retain some of her dignity.

Joyous responded by silently reaching into her pocket and pulling out...

...a feather.

"...please don't."  Kamala whispered.

Joyous moved the feather to the girl's bare feet."

"Nononononono!"  She struggled at her bindings, trying to pull her feet away, but to no avail.

Feather touched sole.

"AHHHGAAAAHAHAHHAAAHAA!"  Kamala couldn't even try to hold it in as Joyous moved the feather up and down.  The tip barely made contact, but her swelled foot was so sensitive now, that was more than enough.  "STAHP PLEASAAAAAHA NOOO AHAAAHAHA!"  

Joyous continued her feathery assault, making sure to run along every line a slip between every toe.  By the time she finally pulled away, Kamala was wheezing for air, still giggling.  "What a healthy set of lungs you have, Ms Marvel!"  She teased.
Kamala didn't answer, her face flushed in shame.  Joyous turned back to the machine.  "Now that you have seen the effects of our interrogation methods first hand, do the rest of your still want to resist?"  She asked the remaining group.  

A moment of tense silence passed.  

"You can go to hell!"  Jean Grey snapped.  "If you think I'll give you anything, you obviously don't know me that well!"

"That's right!"  Makoto added.  "I've faced way worse crap than anything you can throw at me!"

Marinette finished it.  "I agree!  Whatever questions you have, you can stuff them!"

Miss Joyous briefly frowned at their defiance, but then shrugged.  "Very well.  I do so enjoy this method anyway."  With that said, she pointed the machine at Jean and fired.  Then at Ladybug and Makoto in turn.  The other girls watched in horror as their feet swelled, tearing out of their shoes and socks.  (They weren't fortunate enough to have Kamala's stretching shoes.)

"I guess even magic spandex has a limit."  Marinette griped as her massive feet stuck out from her suit's legs.

Her complaint was interrupted by the touch of a feather.


Gratuitous French and laughter followed.  Joyous ran her feather all over Ladybug's feet.  Swiping around her toes, running along the top, even using the feather's edge to tickle entire parts of her soles.

"Hold on Ladybug!"  Makoto tried to encourage the French teen.  

Joyous took that as a cue to pull away from Marenette and focus on the Sailor Scout.  "Don't worry my dear Jupiter, I have plenty for you too!"

To her credit, Makoto held out longer than the others.  But not that much longer.  

"......mmmmmmngggggghhhhAammmHHHHAAAAGAHAHHHAAAASSSASTOP!  ASAAAAAAAHHHHHAHAHA!"  Her body shook as Joyous forewent the feather and used the tips of her long nails to tickle several parts of her feet at once.  

Finally Joyous went to the last girl in line.  "Last chance miss Grey."  She offered.  

"When I get free I am going to wipe the knowledge of driving, typing and bathroom training from your mind."  Jean threatened quietly.
Joyous just smiled and went at Jean's feet, using her nails AND the feather at same time!

"PpffffAAHAAGAGHHAAAA!"  Jean's cries rang out as the feather ran along the toes of one foot while the manicured nails tormented the sole of the other.

This went on for about an hour, though it felt much longer to the girls.  Joyous swapped between the four of them, tickling them with feathers, her fingers, even pulling out toothbrushes!  By the end of it, the four teens were all slumped over, panting and exhausted, feeling both giggly and infuriated.

"Such stubborn girls!"  Joyous huffed.  "As much fun as this is, I can't spend all my time interrogating you!"

As If on cue, a guard walked up to Joyous and whispered something in her ear.  "Oh, speaking of time, I have to get back to work."  She pointed to the girl's.  "Guards, escort the ladies to their cells.  Maybe they'll be more talkative after some time cooling off!"  With that she turned on her heel, exiting the the room through the only door.  (It required her to scan an ID card.)

The guards stepped forward and untied the girls one at a time, leading them to cells built into the far wall.  The teenage heroes struggled to walk on their bloated, highly sensitive feet.  Ladybug even fell, almost knocking one of the guards over.  Five of them had to work together to get Makoto into her cell.  (And she still managed to throw one over her shoulder!)

With the cell doors locked the guards filed out of the room.  The girls were on their own.

"Well this is a fine mess."  Jean sighed, slumping to the ground to lean against her door.

Kamala gripped the bars on her door.  "This would be no problem if something wasn't blocking my powers!"

"Same."  Jean agreed.

"It wouldn't fix everything, but I'd love to transform and zap the lot of them."  Makoto growled as she punched the wall.

Ladybug watched the door for a moment.  "My powers aren't quite as flashy as all that, but..."  She stuck her hand out of her cell bars and opened it, revealing a ring of keys.  "I have been told I have an eye for little details."

The others all perked up immediately.  "Ladybug you beautiful Frenchie!  All right, let's come up with a plan."

"But of course they'll crack."  Joyous explained to the person on the other end of the line.  "Have I ever failed you before?"  She listened to her caller's answer.  "And I appreciate your patience, along with your investment."  Another answer.  "I understand. As soon as I am finished you will be the first to know."

With that she hung up with a sigh.  Clients.  Can't live with them, can't work without them.  Sometimes they just didn't understand the scheduling conflicts that came with working multiple tasks at once.  Still, so long as she was working this job she might as well enjoy it.
"Maybe I'll get some pumice stones and see just how sensitive those feet can get?"  She mused, enjoying the idea more than she should.  

A sudden thump from outside snapped her out of her reverie.  "Quiet down out there!"  Joyous snapped.  "I'm trying to concentrate!"  Her orders seemed to be either unheard or ignored, as more noises, thumps and the odd yell, came through.  "What is going on out there?"  She stood to go look out her door.

And jumped back in shock as the door was knocked open, one of her guards had been slammed into it.  "What?!"

Joyous looked into the hallway and saw Makoto, leg still stretched out from a kick.  Her massive foot suddenly looked less silly and more like a hammer strapped to her leg.

"Hey, Miss Joyous!"  Makoto cracked her knuckles.  "Let's have that chat you wanted...."


"Say Jean?  Since we got our stuff back from her desk, couldn't you just read her mind and get the information out of her that way?"  Ladybug pointed out as she ran a feather between a set of toes.  


Jean shrugged, the device blocking her powers long gone.  "Oh, I pulled the info from her mind as soon as we walked in."  She traced her feather around the edge of a foot.  "I just think we should see if we can get it out of her this way too."  


"So?"  A transformed Sailor Jupiter was being rather devious, and was sending static sparks into the bottom of a massive sole to stimulate it.  "Who was she working for?"  


"Some guy named MM."  Jean switched to a pumice stone.  


Ms Marvel, who's expanded hand was able to tickle an entire gorged foot by herself, tilted her head.  "Never heard of them."   


"We'll deal with him later."  Jean noted.  "First we finish here."  

And so Miss Joyous's laughter echoed through the halls of her hideout.  If any of the guards could move, they choose not to, so scared they were of the vindictive teens, unwilling to join their boss in what might be the worst tickling of their lives.  Their boss would peter out, get used to the tickling.  Eventually.  


"Someone go for her arm pits next!"  
Finally watched my recording of FLCL Progressive (Episode one) today.

Well played, Haruka-san.  Well played.  
All right, first a big thanks to everyone that bought in my fic sale.  Needed that more than I care to admit.  But if you're interested in buying some stuff that's a bit more... visual, then go check out Foss and his sale. 

Urgent Commissions!


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