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Pinkie Pie drools about you PNG


Pinkie Pie image of breaking the fourth wall of an image to armes to your liking, you can put on a picture of yourself or an image or whatever the hell that is, Here's an example:

EXAMPLE 1: [link]

SEXY EXAMPLE 2: [link]

in a moment I will make a tutorial easy and fast if you want to make this image


una imagen de Pinkie Pie rompiendo la cuarta pared de una imagen para que armes a tu gusto, puedes ponerla sobre una foto tuya, o alguna imagen o lo que carajo sea, qui puedes ver un ejemplo:

EJEMPLO 1: [link]

EJEMPLO SEXY 2: [link]

en unos instantes realizare un tutorial facil y rapido si quieres lograr esta imagen
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Whoops, I totally forgot to warn you about this, but I used this image as a reference for (part of) a picture:…

I gave you credit for the inspiration, though.
Again, sorry if it took me so long to remember to warn you. ^^;
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Puedo usarla como header de mi tumblr?
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sep, no hay problema :3
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Okay Pinkie te doy mi pastel...pero deja de mirar asi que me pones nervioso
leopurofriki's avatar
Ella no esta mirando el pastel...
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DIOS MIO!!!Aaaahhh!!!
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Yet another caused by from Pinkie Pie. *ruffles her mane*
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Oh no....don't tell me where she is looking. D:
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only appears if you light a candle in your bathroom with the lights out and looking in the mirror, repeat 5 times "Pinkamena" and something will happen ...
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I think she's after the cupcake I'm eating.
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