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Bl Bronislava of Poland


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fantasmagoria part 3

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Star Wars: We Are Not Alone In The Universe

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'My Ideal World' - The United Federation of Earth

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Plot Construction lesson 2: Introducing Characters

Writer’s BlockPlot Construction lesson 2: “Introducing Your Characters” Understanding The Hero’s Journey: How many stories have you read that begin with the protagonist waking up in the morning and getting ready for their day? (Bonus points if they’re late for school and rush out of the house half dressed with egg toast hanging out of their mouth) It’s a very common cliche in writing to begin with the protagonist waking up and then following their normal daily routine.   The reason many writers do this is because it aligns with the first step on the hero’s journey. “The ordinary world.”

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The Cure

A love frustrated by dieting “Oh my God, salad again!” Exclaimed a frustrated Charlie. “This is the third night in a row! Can’t we have a steak once in a while?” “Charlie, I don’t mind your weight, but the doctor said that this is the only way that you can reduce your blood pressure and your blood sugar. I’d rather have you around longer than enjoy those luscious love handles”. Tammy defended herself. “Okay, but I know you married me because you liked my soft doughy body, and I always liked yours too, but I know I have to be a good boy” Charlie agreed. Charlie and Tammy fell in love after meeting on a plus size dating site. At the time, they were recent college grads and both pleasingly plump. They had a lot in common; both struggled with their weight and dieted constantly to keep “attractive” for the general population before trying out the dating site. Despite their best efforts and suffering, Charlie was about 220 lbs, and 6’ tall, and Tammy was 5’ 5” and 180 lbs. when they started

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Barnards Star Has Been Hiding a Secret Planet!

by James Davis Nicoll An artist’s impression of the exoplanet viewed from space. Credit: ESO/M. Kornmesser What’s better: speculation and rumour, or cold fact? The protagonist of George R. R. Martin’s Hugo- and Nebula-nominated “With Morning Comes Mistfall” likes speculation and rumour, preferring a world where the existence of wraiths is debatable to one where the question has been answered. I fall firmly in the second camp (cold fact), which is why recent news from Barnard’s Star pleased me so much. Barnard’s Star is notable in several ways. It’s considerably older than our star system, bei

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Europe (Detailed) - AD 1941 - 2

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Chadwick Boseman, Black Panther Star, Dies at 43

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VIKING HELM OF AWE half sleeve

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Jesse rooftops pecs

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Dragon Girl Sunset

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The Adventures of Harriet Potter: Year 5 - Ch46

Chapter 46 Old Familiar Feelings “Changing one’s mind is hard. Unchanging it can be even harder.” General (ret.) Jigme Dorji Wengshuk Her lungs were burning. Her legs were burning. She was soaked in sweat despite the December chill. She could not care. The pain was good. She needed the pain right now. She needed to feel something. The return to Hogwarts had been a disaster. Harriet returned to a Hogwarts wallowing in fear and paranoia. She could feel it weighing on her mind before she even entered the castle. That wasn’t all; Umbridge hadn’t been idle in the aftermath of Mr Weasley’s murder. With the school in chaos, she had leapt into action, as they found out at dinner that first night. Classes were to remain cancelled for the following week. While the story that Professor McGonagall gave everyone (Harriet could hear Umbridge speaking out of Professor McGonagall’s mouth), it was to give students time to adjust back to life at Hogwarts before classes

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Famas the City of Scholars

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Skadi AP Sketch Card - Classic Mythology II

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G|M saga AFTERMATH series| X-Men - Twisted Beauty

TWISTED BEAUTY PART 1: "ROSEBUD" He stood there staring at it from the doorway, a mug of coffee slowly cooling in his hand. Henry McCoy, known more dynamically as “Beast” of the famous X-Men, was dumbstruck by the sight in his lab. Already late for his classes, he’d rushed over to look for the satchel he liked to use for his paperwork. When he opened the door and saw the stunning object on the opposite side of the room, there was little more he could do than stop and stare, a pair of elegant eyeglasses sliding imperceptibly down his nose. The rose that had been so stubbornly introverted for weeks was now in full bloom. No

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Navio do castelo ( DD )

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Chadwick Boseman, Black Panther Star, Dies at 43

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Thick and Sour

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Happy 38th Birthday, Jared!

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Haunted Magazine page

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Bl Bronislava of Poland

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