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Good News, Everyone!

Finally final version. Changed and fixed many, many things. Hope you like!
EDIT: Updated Bender's design for something i think it's more fitting, fixed typo, placing of logo and a few other things on the go.

This cyberpunk-ish take on Futurama is my little love letter to one of the best cartoon series EVER done. Death (and not by snu-snu) to all who disagree.

There's a clean version here:…
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Blender looks fucking badass!
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This is simply incredible!! Of course I'm loving Amy, but Leela... :love: She looks ultra-badass!! :clap::clap:
Yup, that's a delivery company. 
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What a wonderful artwork :)
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This is gonna be an awesome remake of Guardians of the Galaxy!
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You found a way to make Bender look more of a criminal. Good Job.
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This fraking awesome!
Amazing concept and beautifully done art! WOW!
I would definitely watch this movie. Not sure how well it would follow the show or be funny, but dang, I would love to see this as a movie!
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This is pretty fucking badass!!!!!
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Ahhh man this would be such a awesome show like this style! Great design man!
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The sewers are infested with... HYPNO-TOADS.  Be afraid.
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Wonderful! Love that show too, and especially love the idea of a cyberpunk-themed version!
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See, this is how you do a gritty reboot.
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I will definitely stay tuned ;)
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just saw this on 9GAG and I have to say, I'm glad I did! Your artwork is amazing!
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Well this could be the bases of a kickass Shadowrun RPG =]

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that would make such a great team pic for Interface zero!
anybody got their stats for the Savage Worlds rules set, by any chance?
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