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[spideypool]morning kiss

My Eng is poor.

I really thank my friend to help me to finish this comic.(for translation)
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Wade is such a drama queen! XD
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Hehe... I think I have to stop salivating... My poor keyboard.. Oops! CURSE YOU! La la la la La la la la La la la la Love 
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they both guys??
ChocoDoze's avatar
what the hell...
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if u dont like do not comment simple alot of people like this if u dont leave it clearly says


which is spiderman and dead pool .... 
rodralianima13's avatar
exactly thank you. they're obviously gay hence... yah know THE FREAKING SHIP NAME "SPIDEYPOOL"!
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I love your pictures and your comics pal~
Keep going <3
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Hello there. I really like (some of) your works. It would be so nice if you give me permission to translate them into Vietnamese. I promise to give full credit/source. Thank you first and sorry for this annoying.
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How about morning kick, Wade?
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i love that deadpool is considerd a villan but acts like a good guy around spidey.... most of the time...
* insert dirty joke here *
houndoftindalos101's avatar
Deadpool: ONe kiss? I can do one million kisses...
SlendyDaughter's avatar
OMZ so cute I love it. I started laughing at the end and actually feel out of my chair XD
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Love it! This pairing is my guilty pleasure. I love it, but I also resent it. Anyway, great comic. :3
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So adorable! Love it! =D
XxCybertronxX's avatar
oh baby......... :heart:
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Hakase Freaking Out Icon B-b-but... I wanna see the rest...
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