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Blades and Rings CH.3
After 2 months of playing the game, Buffy was up to level 285 and almost to the point of getting to the second part of the 3rd advancement. The female had already been to Void Land and was saving up lapis to be able to create her set. Her mount was still at T3 Dark Mane and her ward was two stars away from being Maximus. Titans was going through a hard time. The guild itself has won 2-3 guild vs. guild wars in a row. People around the server was starting to get pissed.
But, that wasn’t the only thing going wrong with the guild. Cambrook stopped trusting Skyon do to his personality. The warrior would pretend to care and make promises that he couldn’t keep. Even though Cam didn’t trust the other warrior, Skyon, Moises and Sae fed Titans’ guild master gear and diamonds, making him the strongest on the server.
It gets better. LadyH and Skyon fed lies to Cambrook. Claiming Moises was a spy; this ended up by Moises being kicked out of the guild. Sae refused to stop be
:iconleonpierslover:LeonPiersLover 0 0
Time...What is Time? CH.1 (Snow x OC!Amara)
Ever since the flood of chaos came into the world, time just seemed to stop. Nobody new was born and nobody grew old. People who got sick, died and the people who killed themselves, well obliviously died. Amara wasn’t the same since then. The blunette lost her daughter and lost herself. She had felt Etro die that day when Caius came to Valhalla. Serah died, and Lightning put herself into a crystal sleep. Amara has seen people fall into despair, just like she is watching herself fall into despair.
Amara found herself wandering the Dead Dunes after hunting with Fang and her guild of thieves. Fang had told her Lightning had returned, but the blunette just didn’t want to believe it. The Oerba native told her tale of finding the Holy Clavis with Lightning and that the Order grabbed it before her and Lightning could take it.

‘Holy Clavis, Lightning, Lumina… I don’t know what to believe anymore.’
Amara could feel herself start to lose faith in the A
:iconleonpierslover:LeonPiersLover 0 0
Blades and Rings CH. 2
The next morning, Buffy wakes up and bolts out of bed. Running down the stairs, she goes into the kitchen and makes something quick to eat. Finishing off breakfast and running back upstairs, the female goes back into her room and boots up her computer. Buffy gets everything up and running then notices she has a message from Tran.
‘I love you honey. I have work today, so I will see you in B&R when I’m done. Have fun!’
Buffy smiles and messages him back.

‘I love you too! Be safe and I will see you in B&R!’

The female jumps into bed and puts her nerve gear on. She starts up the game and she selects her archer. The world starts to materialized around her and a game message pops up in front of her. ‘160-190. Sweet! Almost to level 200!’
Finishing up the main quests from level 160 to her current level, that boosted her up five levels. Figuring she could finish some of her dailies before Tran got on, Buffy s
:iconleonpierslover:LeonPiersLover 5 0
Blades and Rings Ch. 1
Buffy was new to the whole world of MMORPG. She bought all the gear and equipment to play the game called Blades & Rings. The female was ecstatic to be able to play the game. Her friends bragged about it all the time and said it would be a good experience for Buffy.
The following night, the female put on the nerve gear and starts up the game. Buffy inputs all the information the game needed, selected Archer and the game started to materialized around her. The female inhaled and exhaled. She was ready to get started.
Within the next few hours, Buffy flew by in levels and reached level 130. She was surprised she flew that fast through levels and maps. Her current map was Greeny Tundra and the next map is Frozen Land. ‘Only ten more levels and I’ll be 140.’ Her mount was T2 War Steed and her ward was a level 120 Devimon with 4 more stars to go until evolving to Succubus.
Five hours passed and she was finally to the next map. Buffy was excited. Her boyfriend Tran, was
:iconleonpierslover:LeonPiersLover 0 0
Playing With Gods CH.4 (Goku x OC!Mika)
Whis walked back to the door way and then looked back. The male smiled, happy to see both in content and asleep. Especially Mika. He considered her almost like a daughter. He wanted to see the Saiyans together instead of Goku being with Chi-Chi. Whis knows that Mika understands when Goku wants to fight and protect those he loves.
Smiling to himself again, Whis decided that tomorrow he would talk to Goku about his love problems.
‘This is going to be interesting.’
The following morning Goku wakes up to find Mika still fast asleep and his arms around her. The male Saiyan blinks his eyes. The last thing he remembered was giving Mika the sensu bean and she falling asleep. Goku smiles slightly as he brushes back her bangs and kisses her forehead.
Mika twitches in his arms and Goku furrows his eyebrows. He feels her ki spike up and her hands grip his gi. The Saiyan male was about to wake her until Whis appears, grabs her and disappears. Goku, startled and sc
:iconleonpierslover:LeonPiersLover 2 1
Mature content
Lyrical Life CH.2 (Ichigo x OC!Milika) :iconleonpierslover:LeonPiersLover 0 0
Security Room by LeonPiersLover Security Room :iconleonpierslover:LeonPiersLover 0 0 Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria by LeonPiersLover Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria :iconleonpierslover:LeonPiersLover 0 0 The Puppet Template by LeonPiersLover The Puppet Template :iconleonpierslover:LeonPiersLover 0 0 Balloon Boy by LeonPiersLover Balloon Boy :iconleonpierslover:LeonPiersLover 2 1 Foxy by LeonPiersLover Foxy :iconleonpierslover:LeonPiersLover 0 0 Foxy Template by LeonPiersLover Foxy Template :iconleonpierslover:LeonPiersLover 1 0 OC!Asuna by LeonPiersLover OC!Asuna :iconleonpierslover:LeonPiersLover 3 0 OC!Mika by LeonPiersLover OC!Mika :iconleonpierslover:LeonPiersLover 3 0 OC!Akira Yuki by LeonPiersLover OC!Akira Yuki :iconleonpierslover:LeonPiersLover 5 0 Minecraft Maze Run by LeonPiersLover Minecraft Maze Run :iconleonpierslover:LeonPiersLover 1 0


(one-shot)H20delirious x reader
"Delirious, I hear sobbing. Who's crying?" Vanoss told me while we were recording. "Hold on. How do you even hear that?"
"I'm an owl." He said joking, causing me to snicker before saying, "I'm gonna check.Be right back."
I stood up and walked towards our shared room. The sobbing grew a bit louder and I immediately knew who was crying. I was worried and peeked through the door. There, I saw (Y/n) curled up in a ball in the bed. I sighed 'It's the haters again.'
I went back to the recording room and said goodbye to Vanoss and the others then went to the bathroom and filled up the tub with warm water.
I placed her favorite scented body wash and closed the faucet once it was about 3/4 full. I went towards our bedroom and carried her bridal style. No words were said as I placed her in the water. I wiped her tears and asked "What's the matter?"
"It's them again." She sobbed. "It's true right? All the things that they say are true."
I brushed her hair with my hands. "It's not true. You're ama
:iconnalulover33:nalulover33 25 3
Vanossgaming X Reader love is from the heart
ok so before we start this I would like to say a few things. thing number 1! I did not steal this from ANYONE. I have made this up all myself and some of the characters from this story is made up while the others are real life youtubers. ok so in this story you are a girl by the age of 21-23 :P
y/n) your name.
yt/n) youtuber name.
h/l) hair length.
h/c) hair colour
e/c) eye colour
y/c) your choice.
ok so now we got that out of the road! lets begin!
beep. beep. beep.
with a huge slam of your fist you shut the annoying alarm clock up before flipping your
covers over and sitting up in your bed.
"well.... nothing better than another day of playing games with the gang."
you get to your feet and wander over to your closet before grabbing some casual clothes
and putting them on. you walk back over towards your computer desk and si
:iconwildhorsesandragons:wildhorsesandragons 38 22
Vanoss X Reader-Therapy and Pick-Up Lines
"ALRIGHT!!," The Owl Man announced, as the gang entered the enterprise building. "This is it!"
You looked around in awe at the newly bought company, with the almighty sign before you, reading the Canadian's catchphrase. This was all Wildcat's fault for making him buy this useless company, but this would make for some great skits for later.
"Seriously? You actually called the place "Alright"? Really, Evan?" You asked, in disbelief.
"Yeah, really!" The owl-boss teased, in which you responded with "Mother of God, what has this world come to?"
Evan, a.k.a VanossGaming, simply laughed, as he stepped out of the elevator, alongside your two other friends, Delirious and Terrorizer.
"I got my briefcase, guys! I'm ready for work!" Delirious, the pretend C.E.O of ALRIGHT company, announced.
"Alright guys, we're here!" Vanoss announced, starting the perfect introduction to his video, to which Delirious began to laugh and point at the Irish Terminator for no reason at all, or for simply abusing his
:iconthedarkphoenixqueen:TheDarkPhoenixQueen 55 5
VanossGaming X Reader - Merry Christmases, Bitch
(Y/n) - your name
(Y/t/n) - YouTube name
(F/s) - favourite skin

"(Y/T/N)!" Evan screamed when your red and white Bugatti Veyron smashed into his.
"BEEP BEEP MOTHER FUCKER!" You screamed, honking your horn which blasted out jingle bells.
Delirious and Nogla cracked up with laughter, as did you. It was four days before Christmas and your friends and you were recording GTA V chaos.
You and Terroriser hopped into a modded red helicopter before flying off towards Vanoss' apartment. You both laughed and cursed in Arnold Schwarzenegger accents before launching missiles at the window which exploded your helicopter rather than Vanoss' house.
"AHA! Your crappy helicopter is no match for my bullet-proof window!" Vanoss laughed.
"Let's hear you say that tomorrow when we fly one through your house window." You joked.
"Yeah! I'm gonna fuck you up, you little schnitzel waffle son of a bitch! Me and (y/t/n) are gonna  rip off your tiny American balls and feed them to our schnitzel do
:iconpandabear1099:pandabear1099 207 19
Just friends PT.11(H2O Delirious x Reader)
It was late in the afternoon when you got home after hanging out with Shon. You didn’t know if Jon was still there. You go to the kitchen to see if he ate the food you made for him. It was untouched. You got a little worried so you went to your living room to look for him. He was still asleep on your couch. You crouch on the floor next to the couch and look at him. He looked so beautiful at that moment, you couldn’t resist so you ran a finger through his cheek and then you put your hand on his cheek. He leans into it and smiles. You take off your hand and he fidgets. You get up to go back to the kitchen to put the food away and prepare dinner. As you were preparing the ingredients you hear Jon scream. You stopped what you were doing and rush over to him. He was sweating and tossing around so much. You shook him to wake him up and when he awoke you noticed that he was crying.
“Jon? Are you ok? Hey, look at me. Your ok now. It was just a dream. No need to worry.”
:iconkiracat13:kiracat13 2 1
Just Friends PT.10 (H2O Delirious x Reader)
It was almost 12 noon when you got the old theatre. You were almost out of breath from rushing because you didn’t want to be late. You slowed your breaths and took out your phone.
*hey I’m here. Where are you?*
You type a text to Shon and as you wait for his reply you quickly recall what had happened in the middle of the night. Jonathan was still asleep when you left. You made a note and left food for him on the dining table.
“Hopefully he’s ok” You whisper to yourself.
“Whose ok?” A man from behind you asks.
For a second you were startled. You turn to look at who was talking to you. It took you awhile to recognize the goofy face of your old friend.
“Shon! Hey! How’s it been?” You ask as you hug him.
“Been good man! How bout you?” He says as he hugs you back.
“Took me awhile to recognize you! It’s been so long!” The shock in your voice makes him smile.
“Really? Well you look better as well!
:iconkiracat13:kiracat13 2 1
Just friends PT.9 (H2O Delirious x Reader)
You said your good nights to the boys after a successful recording session and headed to your room. As you get ready for bed, you hear multiple dings from your phone.
“Man I wonder who it is..” you whispered to yourself.
Walking to the desk where your phone was, you got a lot nervous. If it had been Jon texting you wouldn’t know what to say to him, let alone be able to read what he texted. You got to your desk and took a deep breath. You picked up your phone and looked at your screen. The messages you had gotten were from the boys. You were a little disappointed of course since you were looking for a reason to talk to Jonathan again, even though there was a reason. You had just been afraid to talk to him and you didn’t know what to say. You brush Jonathan out of your thoughts and pick up your phone. A couple of messages just asking when you would want to do a session with the boys again, this time with others too. You answer and keep scrolling through your messa
:iconkiracat13:kiracat13 3 0
Just friends PT.8(H2ODelirious ft. Reader-Special)
(Delirious perspective)
We switched channels so that we wouldn’t distract (y/n) and Wildcat. It was also since I wanted to talk to Vanoss about what happened. It’s been a week since then and I still haven’t talked to her or even apologize to her. I’ve made my best friend uncomfortable right after she tells me about what had happened to her family and the way I reacted, I’m so stupid for reacting like that. Hopefully Vanoss will be able to help.
“Hey man.. I gotta ask you something..” I say feeling nervous.
“What is it?” He answers.
I tell him what happened the week before, how stupid I was. Of course I left out the personal things she told me. I still wasn’t sure that I should tell Vanoss what happened but I didn’t have anyone else to talk to since Luke isn’t going to be back until 2 weeks later.
“So uhm.. Yeah, that’s what happened and I don’t know what to do.” My voice was shakier than I t
:iconkiracat13:kiracat13 4 1
Just friends PT.7 (H2O Delirious x Reader)
As the game loads you made sure that you had started your recording and made sure that everything was good specially with the audio. As you were setting up you started to hum your favorite song without noticing. You made last checks to make sure that everything was good. The game had loaded in and you were just waiting for Jonathan, Vanoss and Wildcat to join in. You got a bit nervous thinking about Jon. You hadn’t realized that you were still humming when one of the guys was saying your name.
“Hey! Hey (y/n)!! You ready??” Says the voice.
You were pulled away from your thoughts and saw that everyone was already ready to jump in the game.
“Huh? Oh yeah..” you said a little quiet.
“Okay! So.. have you guys even started to play like for practice?” Say another voice which you realize was Wildcat.
“Dude I literally just got the game.” Says Vanoss laughing a little.
“Aaaaghh… welp whatever.. We're here to teach you guys then.
:iconkiracat13:kiracat13 2 0
Just friends PT.6 (H2O Delirious x Reader)
It’s been a few days since the last time you talked to Jonathan, almost 5 days to be precise and you didn’t even realize that you were counting. Looking back to what happened you got a bit flustered.
He leans in for a kiss. You looked away and apologized. He apologizes as well says good night and leaves. You cried yourself to sleep that night.
You shake you head sadly, but brushed it off and pretended not to care.
“I wasn’t supposed to feel anything anyways…” you murmured to yourself.
You went on with the rest of your day, doing all your errands.
“Hmm ok, so first gotta work out, next buy groceries and lastly…” you stop for a second forgetting that one last thing you always did on fridays(or whatever day you want it to be) after you run errands.
“Oh…. it’s friday…” You make a sad face remembering that you would usually get dinner with Jon/Delirious.
You shake your head and brush it off. You went to the
:iconkiracat13:kiracat13 3 0
Just friends PT.5 (H2O Delirious x Reader)
“Wow” He says. “That’s crazy. All that happened. So were your parents some sort of secret agents or something?”
You raised your eyebrow to the question.
“So no?” He says answering his own question.
You sighed.
“Let me explain further then.” You say as he stared at you looking for an answer.
“Their facility was run by a secret organization. My parents weren't agents, they were scientists. The best there is. They had multiple jobs for different people. They paid well considering that me and my parents lived such a fancy life. But anyways, when she took me in there with her I was confused. I didn't know what they were going to do with me. She took me to a room and left me there. Now that I think about it it's probably one of those rooms that have the two way mirror thing? (I don't remember if it was two way or one way. Sorry!-Kira) They were most likely deciding what they would do with me.”
You explain further.
:iconkiracat13:kiracat13 3 0
Just friends pt.4 ( H2O delirious x reader)
You took a deep breath and continued.
“But what they didn't know was that I had sneaked into the car with them. My mom didn't notice since she was too busy carrying dad to the car. She had one of the back doors open so I had sneaked in through there. A few minutes later we ended up at the lab where they were working at. It was in the middle of nowhere and it has huge. There was even a big wall surrounding it, I was a little bit scared of course, but then my dad was suddenly jerking around like he was having an epileptic attack. The good thing was we were already parked and people were already coming out of the building to help us. They all looked….”
You stop, thinking of a pleasant way to describe the workers there.
“Weird. They were wearing suits and I couldn't see their faces. Three of them came out to help. I sneaked out of the car through the driver's door since mom was too busy making sure dad was ok. I followed them inside making sure they wouldn't see me.
:iconkiracat13:kiracat13 4 1
Just friends Pt.3 (H2O delirious x reader)
But what would happen when you get the courage to tell him? What would he say? What would he do? What would become of the two of you?
You sat down next to him, closing your eyes, you took a deep breath and when you opened them you were staring at the bluest eyes you have ever seen.
“Okay.” You say, trying to clear your voice
He stares at you, piercing through the walls you have built to withstand even the slightest bit of “cute puppy dog eyes” from your best friend. You feel your heart beat stronger. You feel like he could hear your nervousness by the sound of your heartbeat. You take in another deep breath and begin to speak.
“My parents are very rich you know. Kind of famous too, not in the way that you would see them on t.v. or movies, they weren't artists but they were scientists.” You said, looking at him as he looks back to you listening intently.
“They helped make a lot of things and even helped in making cures for some ailments. In fact
:iconkiracat13:kiracat13 3 0
Just friends pt.2 (H20 delirious x reader)
(Yt/n) youtuber name
You realize that up until that moment you have kept all these feelings bottled up and hidden away…
A few after days meeting Jonathan's friends, you had started to bond with them even more. Since you just found out that all of them are actually youtubers, you had started appearing in some of their videos as (yt/n). Jonathan came over a lot to help you edit your videos and teach you how youtube really works. You think about all of this as you lay in your bed, the sun shining through your window. You checked the date and time on your phone, then you realized that Jonathan was coming over and that he was going to be at your house in about 30 minutes.
“Oh no! I slept in too long!” You yell at yourself for snoozing the alarm so many times earlier.
You jump out of bed and go straight to the bathroom to take a shower, ignoring the grumbling sound that your stomach was making. You hop out off the shower and wrap a towel around yourself and you start lookin
:iconkiracat13:kiracat13 7 0
Just friends (H20 delirious x reader)
Y/n your name
It was a cold Saturday night as Jonathan was walking you home when you realized how much you actually loved him.......
~2 months before~
"Hey del!" You said as you approached him from the back.
"You know you can call me Jonathan right?" He says giving you a hug.
You two walk next to each other on the way to his friends house. You have never met any of friends yet since you jist met about a week ago in the grocery store. You remember it all the time because he had helped you reach your favorite brand of bread on the top shelf. He laughed at you then saying how independent you were for trying to grab it without asking for help. You two have been friends ever since then.
"What are you laughing about?" He asks as he hears you giggle.
"Huh? What?" You say confused.
"You were giggling just now you weirdo!" He says laughing at you.
"Oh? I was?" You say even more confused.
He starts laughing harder and you look at him pouting your lips.
"Ohh sorry" he says out of breath from laug
:iconkiracat13:kiracat13 10 1
Already Over [Older!Noctis x Reader]
/You never go/
/You're always here (suffocating me)/
/Under my skin/
/I cannot run away/
/Fading slowly/
The ceremony was a beautiful one, where the bride's amazing smile lit up the room and the groom watched, ready to cry as she came down the aisle. The observers smiled over them, offering silent blessings as the pair were joined in holy matrimony. In addition to the rest of those that came to witness the marriage - a union that would bring peace, surely -, he had been beyond sure that nobility from other kingdoms came, too. Looking towards the front row, he gave off a big smile at seeing his friends smiling back at him.
Though, upon the sight of you, ivory and [f/c] dress fitting beautifully around your body, he would have smiled wider than he had upon seeing Lunafreya... had it not been for your overall demeanor.
Much unlike the days before that one, you were quiet, fiddling with your fingers and avoiding looking up. Sometimes, Ignis would put his hand on your shoulder - his silent
:iconfictitiousnirvana:FictitiousNirvana 41 11



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