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Twilight Sparkle and Sunny Starscout

Character  twilight sparkleCharacter  Sunny StarscoutLocation  Equestria (MLP)
Twilight Sparkle ask Sunny Starscout to keep the brony fandom alive. I draw this because I am concern about G5 and hopefully G5 can be as good as G4 so I can still enjoy watching ponies. 
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I liked the movie, but it wasn't as good as I'd hoped. Alicorns are supposed to live eternally, so what happened to Twilight? Where'd Discord go? Questions go unanswered, which causes me to not like the movie as much. It was still good, though.

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Alicorns don't live eternally, only for about 10,000 years. I don't know what about draconequuses but I think they don't live eternally either. So for me the plot of MLP G5 could be set in far far future or it's even more complicated if you want to hold the plot of G4. :)

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after seeing the movie don't see that being a problem

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And most importantly, don't let them forget the G4, NEVER, it has to be remembered forever. FOREVER! Pinkie Pie Squint

I feel like the new movie is gonna be horrible. The now a-days stuff is wonderful!

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Sunny; Make it go extinct, got it Twilight: Why you little……..

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Lol funny and exllcent one here

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Considering the idiotic premise of the new series, don't bet on it staying alive for long.

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No. Just let it die. It needs to die.

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Twilight Sparkle: It better be just as good. Otherwise, I'll hunt you down and turn your life into a living Tartarus. UNDERSTAND?!!!

Sunny Starscout: Y-Y-Yes, your majesty!!

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You aren't the only one who is worried about G5 as if what I heard for the movie is true then I doubt it will go well

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ClownfishTV covered the synopsis for the G5 movie. Sorry to say it, but if you want quality storytelling, it's not there. This brand's going downhill like everything else.

I don't think it will be enough to kill the fandom though.

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Good jon, Scootaloo! I mean Sunny. 😃

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One thing I hope is in G5 is all the species that were in MLP G4.

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Comics are good, but we need more.....

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My thoughts exactly.

Don't worry about the fandom princess, it never dies it just sleeps for a while until it's the right time to wake up. They might not be as big as their salad days but pretty much all fandoms are still alive and flourishing as long as there are still fans if you know where to look. And there are always fans.

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G4 MLP was an anomaly compared to most of the generations in MLP. It was so good that it set the bar super high for an MLP series to be considered great. I don't think G5 MLP will be able to match the awesomeness of G4 MLP, but I'm hoping it'll be a good generation that bronies can enjoy.

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[Grab Twilight Sparkle to calm her down] Okay, she's just happy that this world has gotten a lot of... love, a lot more than expected. Kid's gotten into a panic attack, because she's worry about the past repeating itself. You should "thank" the white alicorn with with the red mane, she bit off more than she can chew in showing her passion. You do you, newcomer!

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Twilight Sparkle snaps Failure is not an option!

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