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For My Spikey Wikey

"How do you like them, Darling?"

Art Notes: Finally! this took me a long time to finish but mainly because I was being lazy with my art XD. I think I have some improvement in my colors, she looks shiny, that's good. Rarity was sort of a challenge, considering I wanted to keep a style similar to the cartoon but at the same time wanted to give her my anthro twist. Hooves are hard to mix, hoping this is decent enough. As far as plot of this picture (see what I did there?) You could say Spike didn't expect this to be rarity's new design. Will leave the rest to your imagination :meow:

BTW, that background was drawn directly from here:
Rarity's Room by mandydax

Credit given where is due :iconmandydax:

Rarity, mlp (c) Hasbro
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Im in love, so pretty!!! :heart: . :heart:
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kinda old but thanks~
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wow! this is actually really pretty! besides the fact you tried to make it have a fat a**.
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Thank you! There's a lot of it I don't like about it anymore. I can probably do better if I try again
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I think I'm becoming a brony. I'm already a furry.
WTF is wrong with me?! XD.
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show's pretty good, can't blame you >:3
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wow :D so sexy ))) 
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isn't she an adorable cute gal? rarity OwO
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0 w 0 I'm starting in this of the "pony universe" xD
Look this pic encourages me to make one someday ´> u <`Heart 
Great work! Clap Clap 
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and that I really do not like ponies  Inekoitplz 
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I'm surprised... I think is the style... I've parodied other things that people don't like, yet they admire my work of said thing they don't like @_@
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Yes, I think it's by how to draw... you ever thought to do tutorials on youtube or something? 
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I have but I'm quite slow and lazy XD
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jajaja... yeah ok don't worry... but please... someday have one... your drawings are great... I want to draw like you... but drawing as a child and kindergarten :p
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is all about practice and tutorials, once you get to do it often you can make your own style. If you go far back in my gallery you'll see improvement over improvement
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